Monday, 19 March 2007

League Of Augsburg

I've been considering 18th Century gaming for a while now but have been struggling to decide what scale and what period to try out.

There are some lovely ranges and periods out there and the one that was a near miss was The Great Northern War. Stretlets*R have a lovely plastic range.

However, I finally settled on The League of Augsburg (also known as the 9 Year War). I was encouraged by The League of Augusburg website, they also provide a set of Wargames rules called Under The Lilly Banner.

The scale was something that I was unsure of. But I settled on 10mm after seeing some nicely painted 10mm ranges at my club from Pendraken. I've ordered 2 army packs from Dave which I will collect this weekend at Triples.

Being a rules fiddler I found a set of rules from Jackson Gamers which had potential as they are element based called Quick Tricorne which look good. I expanded the command and control system as the way I see it armies were very hard to command or control in this period. Generals didn't have all the staff they had in later years.

I also changed the morale tests from using a single D6 to 2D6. Class A troops have a morale of 10 down to Class D with a 7. Add or subtract modifiers to the morale number. Then roll equal or below the modified morale factor to see if the unit has passed.


Anonymous said...


I wargame the WoSS and have finally found a great set of rules for the period - Might and Reason. Although initially aimed at SYW, there is a SYW & WoSS variant at the Might & Reason website. Works well - at least for me.

I wrote a review of Might & reason which I can send through if you like.

David W
Canberra Oz

Pete Jones said...


I have Grande Armee from Sam and I like those rules.

I would be interested in the review you wrote

My email is webmasterATfreewargamesrulesDOTcoDOTuk