Monday, 19 March 2007

Napoleonic Rules

Another project I have on the go at the moment is 20mm Napoleonics. I'm in the process of painting up two armies Bavarian and Austrian (Austrians as they're easy to paint and Bavarians as they can fight on both sides).

The problem with this period though is that no-one can agree on a good set of rules to play. My first set of rules were the good old Bruce Quarrie Napoloenic set which originally came out as an Airfix guide published by Patrick Stephens Limited back in 1974 (I have the 1977 edition bought when I was 13). Later on Bruce bought out an updated book, which I also have and have played.

In our local club Deeside Defenders there is no set of Napoloenic rules that dominate. Myself I'm still trying to find a set of playable rules that give a flavour of the period and that are easy to play (I'm getting too old for complicated sets with lots of tables). Also different national characteristics and unit quality is important.

I've narrowed it down to 2 free sets that I will test when the figures are finished:

Huzzah By oozlum games they have a unique mechanic I've not noticed until now. Instead of units firing at the enemy, the enemy takes a threat test when in range of enemy cavalry, infantry and artillery. Depending on the grade of the threatened unit they must make a successful test or if they fail they take staggers (which when accumulated can destroy a unit).

In The Name Of Glory These were recently only available to purchase but David Marks the author has now presented them free of charge. A lot of work has gone into the rules at 98 pages long. He goes into a lot of detail explaining small things which most gamers take for granted. Strip away all the explanations and the rules are quite simple and Stuart Asquith recommends them too. A nice little mechanism here is the command and control system. each army is given activation counters to assign to units of their choice. The number of counters depends on the quality of the general and the army in question.

So those are my two choices I will give a feedback at a later date on the two sets when playtested (and when the two armies are finally painted).


Anonymous said...

Of course, while no set of rules dominate (probably at any club), Piquet should dominate. You get several game scales, horizon movement and fog of war. Tables are easily memorisable (if that's a real word, I think I should have typed memorised). The only downside from my PoV is the time to set up a game with rosters and decks...

Colin the Mod(erator)

Doug Cowie said...

I'll be checking in from time-to-time, Pete, to see what you're up to. 20mm Napoleonics, eh? I've got 100's of them from the seventies; if only I could remember the details of the rules we used to use, I'd be tempted to dust 'em off and get them back into action. Look forward to hearing how you get on with the rules you're looking at.


Pete Jones said...

Thanks for looking Doug, I will see you at Triples this weekend.