Monday, 19 March 2007

News Feeds

I am a big fan of news feeds since discovering them last year. MY own homepage is set to yourminis which lets my see whats going on in the hobby. Also handy for my local weather and news too.

I have been running a news feed to freewargamesrules for about 12 months now and use a piece of freeware software called feedspring to create the xml file that is a newsfeed. It really is simple.

The latest edition to the newsfeed is that users can now ask for the newsfeed to be e-mailed to them directly via another free service called r-mail. Within 2 weeks of setting this up we became one of the top 100 feeds on the service.


Alex said...

thanks so much for your support. Did you notice that we recently launched create your own blog widget functionality. So you can create a widget for your blog and then post it on your site so other people can grab it and add it to their pages....thanks


Pete Jones said...


This is a cool new feature. I'll look into adding this to my blog.