Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Triples Wargames Show

This Saturday and Sunday is the Triples show in Sheffield. Myself and some friends make the yearly pilgrimage to this show travelling up on Friday morning and returning Sunday afternoon.

The schedule of events on the Friday means arriving midday, playing some board games with a beer or two. Then off to get some lunch and maybe another beer. We return to the hotel mid afternoon to book in, play some more boardgames and maybe another little drink. This carries into evening time when we go out for a Balti return to the hotel suitably refreshed more boardgames and Homer Simpson says "Beer: The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."

Essential Items for the show are: purchase list (if left behind this is a disaster); comfy shoes (to walk around each hall several times); bag (to carry all the ill gotten gains in); bottle of water (to re-hydrate oneself); air-freshener (to deal with those people who have body odour problems - especially in the cramped Bring and Buy area).

Prior to returning home ensure you have gifts for the other half and kids so that they allow you to go again next year.

Upon arrival home the main decision to make is:
a) Do you take in all the purchases straight into the house
b) Drop them off at a friends house
c) Take some items in but leave the majority in the car boot to sneak into the house over the next several days

The other main event worthy of a yearly pilgrimage is the Spiele boardgame show, Essen in October. This nicely splits the year into two halves and has greatly improved my packing skills trying to lug back boxes of games in a suitcase.


Will said...

But is the beer any good?

Pete Jones said...

It's always good when someone else is buying!

Chris J said...

I used to love Triples when it started out and my old club from Scunthorpe used to make the yearly pilgrimage to participate in the competition at the Victoria Hotel I believe. Ancients, Napoleonic and Modern and it was a great laugh, too much beer and far too much spent on lead which if you were lucky you got painted before the next years visit.
Sadly marriage and children have changed that so I have to settle for a few hours hours on either the Saturday or Sunday and severly curtailed purchasing. Its hard to explain to the other half that despite the hundreds of 1/300 WWII and modern vehicles you really reaaly need to buy more.