Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Triples 2007 - Report

Last weekend was the Triples show and as usual I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I didn't spend as much as expected. The show seemed the same as usual plenty of traders and a disorganised Bring & Buy. Why they don't use a bigger room I'll never understand. I think ebay is killing off the good items at Bring & Buys these days.

On speaking to some traders they seemed to be slightly down on last years takings. A few of them did say that most of their trade is Internet based now so they have cut down on the shows.

My purchases this year were:

  • 2 League of Augsburgs armies in 10mm from Pendraken. Plenty of painting there.
  • 1 6mm ECW dragoon booster pack. I bought the ECW Polemos pack from Peter at Baccus 2 years ago and have painted up one army so far. The only thing the army was lacking was some dragoons.
  • HaT Napoleonic plastics - Austrian infantry and cavalry to finish of my Austrian army
  • Stretlets*R plastics - Napoleon's General Staff(2). These are mounted generals for use with my on going plastics project. I figure I can alter these for mounted generals for my Bavarians and Austrians.
  • Ga Pa rulebook for the Age of Marlborough by Thomas Arnfelt. These seem to be a very popular set of rules for the period. They have a limited army list in the back but cover the period I want.
  • Disposable Heroes Rules - only bought these because they were half price and might convert them for my planned modern game (US v Insurgents)
  • Quick Play Napoleonic Rules by Barry Edwards - again they were cheap and a couple of people in the club play them.
  • Robogear vehicles for the Airfix Robogear game. These were only £2.80 each instead of £7.99. I already have 2 sets of the full Robogear (yes still unpainted)so this was a good purchase adding moer vehicles to both sides.
  • Mall of Horror boardgame. This was in impulse buy as you can never have enough Zombie games! I play lots of boardgames and a future blog will feature my thought on boardgames.
  • 100 small steel bases. These are to glue on to my 54mm plastic figures bases to give them some weight.
  • Some "Jaffar" type figures from the Stargate film made by MJ Figures. I already have a resin stargate which I bought off ebay some years ago. I've used it in all sorts of games. You can have whatever you want coming out of the stargate from Aliens, Predators to Daleks.
  • Battle Master game by MB games. This was a present for my son as I always get him a present while I'm away. He's six and a half now and desperate to wargame. We've already had one game on the lounge floor (not wargames on the floor since I was about 14 and my 42 year old limbs were aching). Worst of all I lost to him, what is it with kids rolling better dice than adults.
  • Finally bought a pewter dragon for the wife as she collects them. (This will allow me to go again next year).

My next outing will be Beer and Pretzels at Burton-on-Trent. Again it will be a stay over.

Another idea we had at the show was doing a wargame weekend at The Bunker Wargames Holiday Centre. It's £150 for a weekend wargaming with all the figures supplied bed and board. All you have to supply is beer.......very tempting.

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Doug Cowie said...

You've tempted me to dig out my old copy of Battlemasters which I bought to play with my son about 14 years ago. He's now at Uni and I think we may have a game of it this afternoon in the garden on the grass if the weather holds. Maybe the whole campaign! Looking over it, there are some nice rules which were quite innovative at the time - the movement by cards (now quite popular thanks to games like The Rules with No Name); the use of elements with combat factors rather than calculating strngth from a figure count; casualties not involving figure removal etc etc. Hey, I'm quite excited by this! And it's one game I feel I can play without painting the figures. Are you going to paint yours?