Friday, 30 March 2007

Website Update 80% Complete

Work continues on the design of the new website. The hard core scripting is more or less finished and I'm at the tedious side of converting the current site data into the new format.

The new format keeps the wiki layout but greatly speeds up access (especially for dial up owners).

You can watch the development here.

The recent completions are:

  • The Whats New page now an imports my newsfeed. This reduces the duplication of writing the newsfeed and the Whats New section.
  • Designed the favicon for the final version incorporating the new white dice logo (although not implemented on the beta site yet).
  • From beta testers it became apparent that users what the same functionality as the present site. So when clicking on a rule name it now opens as a new page in the browser.
  • The Broken Link footer to each rules has now been reduced to an "!" at the end of the rule description thus reducing the clutter on the page
  • Likewise I have dropped the format type the rules are in as this has become superfluous to what users require now.
  • Looked at implementing forums but at present time this has been shelved as other sites like The Miniatures Page suffices for the hobby and is well established.

Still to do:

  • The RSS newsfeed details will have to be redesigned slightly when the new site is implemented so that the Whats New section reads properly
  • The Links section needs converting to the new format.
  • Still have to convert data for the 2 largest sections yet: World War 2 and Sci Fi
  • Decide on any further features to the site. Should I have a guestbook; bring and buy section; rule writing area. This will probably be left to a later implementation if there is need for it.

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