Saturday, 14 April 2007

Hair Curler Armies

Way back in the depths of time Andy Callan wrote an article about making armies from hair rollers after a discussion by Paddy Griffiths. The original article by Andy can be viewed here: Andy Callan Article

Here are some pictures of such armies:

Picture 1

Picture 2:

Picture 3:


Pete Jones said...

Uploaded file again as it became corrupt

Kenneth Van Pelt said...

Found your article some time back and had a go at making my DBA ancients.

I invented a horse cut on plastic needlepoint grid you might want to see.



COG said...

Hi Pete,

Just a quick question for you - where in the heck did you find the right sized hair curlers?!?!
I have been trying for months to find the right ones to no avail. I now have a huge pile of different coloured and different sized useless hair curlers lying in the corner of my hobby room, making it look as though I have some weird fetish when guest come to the hobby room.

Anyway, could you please provide a link?
I am UK based by the way, which may be the problem. But at this stage I am willing to order from Tibet to get the right ones!

Thanks for the great article and the great photos!

Best regards