Friday, 20 April 2007

Now Hair Brush Armies

Some of the readers across the Pond have been having trouble finding the types of hair curlers that we do over here. (For information we could get them from Boots The Chemist a large pharmacy chain).

Well I had an email from Will Scarvie of San Diego with his solution:

I'm having no luck finding the right kind of hair curlers to make my armies. But, I did find a number of hair brushes whose teeth work almost as well. The kind I'm using has a rubber insert into the handle, and rows of plastic teeth coming up through the rubber.

Underneath the rubber, these teeth are joined in rows and evenly spaced along the sprue that connects them. Trim to length and I've got lots of infantry. It's not as cheap as the hair curlers probably are/were, but it works and it's WAY cheaper than 6mm lead figures.

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