Sunday, 29 April 2007


I've really been hit by spammers hard in the past 7 days. Firstly I'm receiving about 50 spam emails a day to my old address. To counter this I have set up a new email address but I don't publish it anywhere. If people want to contact me now at the site they have to fill in a contact form which e-mails me the form without revealing the e-mail address to the user.

This has worked a treat and I get no spams to the new email address. I still have to monitor the old address but I can view them on the server remotely and delete them if I can see they are not wargame related.

The second type of spam I was getting was via my Guestbook some spammer or web-bot was putting in multiple entries per day to some Italian spam site, which meant I had to daily enter the guestbook and remove his/her spams. Now I've had to amend the guestbook so that the user has to enter a 3 digit random code to accept the post. Hopefully this will stop any automated scripts from adding spurious entries to my guestbook. We'll see how this goes on, if this fails I'll have to start logging IP addresses!

I managed to transfer the entries from the old guestbook so they were not lost.

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