Thursday, 5 April 2007


There is a very large discussion going on at The Miniatures Page (TMP)at the moment which I feel I must comment on. It's regarding Wikipedia and there entry for our hobby at Miniature Wargaming.

If you are familiar with Wikipedia its is an online encyclopaedia which anyone can edit. However, to ensure sensibility editors are used to keep the content relevant. One of these editors responsible for the Miniature Wargaming is a Larry Dunn, and I will come back to him shortly.

It would appear that certain persons have added content to the entry to try and give a broad background to our hobby. One person added the rules I Aint Been Shot Mum (IABSM) by TooFatLardies. Mr Dunn removed this link as he considered it commercial. None of the persons connected with TooFatLardies had submitted it and I'm sure they wouldn't have mind however, other "popular" rulesets were left on. I can see where Larry came from on this one but I think all the other rulesets should have been removed too.

On the other hand he allows a list of manufacturers so isn't this commercialism?

The one I do disagree with him though is that several people have tried to get the The Miniatures Page listed as an organisation because of the forums that people can visit. For some reason Larry won't let this stay on the page.

I think TMP is one of the most important meeting places for people from our hobby and think it should be allowed. (I think part of his problem is because 1. People can pay voluntary subscriptions to keep it running 2. He doesn't think it is notable enough).

Should 1 person be allowed this power over our hobby?

Today at 12.55 pm GMT I've added a link to my website which is completely free, non commercial and popular (thousands of visits per day). We'll see how long it takes to remove my link!

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