Sunday, 10 June 2007

Hair Curler Armies Moves To USA

After my previous articles on Hair Curler armies there's a gamer from America who is creating his own ACW armies. He couldn't find hair curlers but managed to find some hair brushes that do just the job.

See how he's getting on at The Distracted Wargaming Blog

Friday, 1 June 2007

World War 1 Aircraft

I've long been a fan of WW1 dogfight games and have a collection of 1/72 plastic kit aircraft just for the job. The only downside to them is they take up alot of storage space and making stands for them is a bit of a pain.

I was delighted to see that Fantasy Flight have bought out some 1/444 scale aircraft to go with their War of Wings game.

Theirs twelve models released in the first series:
3 x Spad XIII
3 x Sopwith Camel
3 x Albatross D.Va
3 x Fokker DR1

Needless to say purely for reviewing purposes I purchased all 12! They retail at £6.99 each.

They are made of plastic and beautifully painted. They have their own stand complete with forward firing arc. On the stand there is four detachable pegs for depicting the aircraft at different heights. Each place also comes with its own manoeuvre deck.

The models can be used for any game but we had a couple of games last night using the Wings of War rules. Everyone enjoyed themselves and a few more people are now talking about getting the aircraft too now.

See information here.