Sunday, 15 July 2007

France 1940

A period that I've been meaning to do for a long time now is France 1940. My interest for this part of WW2 started many years ago when I took part in a 10mm participation game at a wargame show.

I don't want to go as big as 15mm or 20mm scale so my options are:

Not a great deal of coverage here. The Germans are well catered for, but only Char 1 and H35 available for the French, the British are worse with only the Matilda II.

Oddzial Osmy
These are a lovely range of figures and the detail for 3mm is amazing. Both the French and Germans are extremely well catered for. No British yet.

Heroic and Ros
Good coverage from this mainstay of manufacturers, I have lots of their 1944-45 figures already.

Some vehicles missing from the French (R35, H39) and the British (A10, A13 and Matilda I). The sculpts are not as nice as Heroic and Ros.

Scotia Grendel

These are very reasonably priced too again a few missing vehicles for both the French H39) and the British (A10, A13, Matilda II).

Skytrex Action 200
These figures have been around a long time and some of the moulds show it. But all the vehicles are available.

One of my favourite manufacturers for 10mm, however, they have only recently started WW2. The only French tank they do at the moment is S35 and the only British one for the period is the Matilda 2.

Pithead Miniatures
A relatively new company they have an extensive range of vehicles for this period. They are a little pricier than the other 10mm.

I'm still undecided whether to go for 3mm with 3-5 tanks on a base representing a Platoon or for 10mm. The later figures look better on the table so I'm swaying that way.....

Maybe I should look at rules first?


Anonymous said...

Err why not just use homemade cardboard counters using the military symbols from Tom Mouat's military symbols page (find it on google).

John Curry

Jim Wannop said...

Be careful about the different scales 1/200, 10mm, N guage, they are all slightly different sizes. The Pithead minis are N guage (approx 12mm), Pendraken are 10mm and Skytrex are 1/200 which is approx 9mm. Pendraken tanks look roughly the same as Skytrex, but Pendraken infantry are visibly larger and chunkier than Skytrex, which are on the 'thin' side. I recommend 10mm or 1/200 - the infantry are big enough to see properly and the armour is small enough that you can still fit (and afford to buy) a lot of vehicles on the table.

MaksimSmelchak said...

Hi Pete,

I recommend looking at rule sets before making figure purchases.

Most microarmor rules will require a much different distribution of figures than a skirmish game.

And, personally speaking, I'd prefer a microarmor set to a small-man skirmish set... I like little vehicles, lots of terrain, and non-individually-based infantry stands. But that could just be me... LOL ;o)

I prefer 6mm minis and larger than small man skirmish-sized battles.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

you forgot minifigs figures in the 10 mm WW2 french figure options.
they can somewhat mix with pendrakens and pit head ones even if they are slimmer then both.
the range include various vehicules and infantery.

about the mass versus skirmish rules variations, depending on how you base them you might be able to do both (using magnet stands for example.