Sunday, 12 August 2007

A day of Viruses and Trojans

My father-in-law called round last night asking if I could sort his Computer out as he had a virus on it. It had hijacked his homepage and his virus scanner would not remove it.

So this morning I downloaded a couple of anti-trojan tools from the net. I tried a couple out then I had the following message "A program has removed a critical file please place Windows XP disc in the drive". Now this caused one major problem my PC came pre-installed with XP and 2 backup DVD's that only take it back to the factory settings.

The PC then completely crashed and would not start. I used a Linux Live CD to boot the computer up and accessed the hard drive. All folders was still intact, however, every single file on the PC had been wiped! Gone! No sign of them!

I've lost loads of rules, wargames last back up was a month ago. You guessed it I back up every 31 days and the crash occurred after 30 days.

I spent the next 2 hours getting the PC back to bog standard installation with anti virus and essential Internet software.

This afternoon I visited the father-in-laws to rid him of his virus and the Trojan he had installed (and the associated 118 others the original had installed) took me a couple of hours to get rid of. I did find a good piece of software eventually that removed it called SmitFraudFix which is now kept on my USB pendrive for emergencies.

It was the only piece of Freeware that removed the Trojans all the other failed (and I tried about a dozen).

So Murphys 123rd Law came true: "If you backup your data every 31 days you will lose your data on day 30"

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