Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Civil War Battles

I'm having a break from painting up modern forces for our Andreivian Game and I purchased Civil War Battles from Peter Pig.

We played the first scenario from the book myself and Will. There are several new mechanisms in there that took us a while to get used to, but after a couple of turns we were flying. The mechanisms we like for example:

- If a unit is low on ammunition the opponent can make him re-roll all the to hit dice. There is a chance he may roll better but if it is already a good roll it gives the opposition a chance.
- Re-rolls for to hit dice with rifled muskets. Raw troops may re-roll 1's, average may re-roll 1 and 2's and you guessed it elite re-roll's 1,2 and 3's.
- Unit frontages affect maximum movement distances
- Action Points are spent per unit after a general has activated them

I have many sets of Peter Pig rules and these are certainly the nicest presented and includes pictures.

We both agreed they gave a very good feel for the period and these will be now my favoured rules for them. I use 20mm plastics which I picked up on ebay a couple of years go based for Fire and Fury. I've even been drawn to paint up some more Union dismounted cavalry and three extra Union batteries which have been gathering dust on a shelf.

Next time I plan to use the full set up rules which generates the scenario and adjusts the forces depending on what decisions both sides make on the Battle sheet.

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