Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Fold Flat Terrain

For along time now I've heard of a "fold flat" card terrain system. I had seen pictures of it but it had never been available and as such it was becoming a bit of an urban myth.

The story went the terrain had been designed by an Engineer, which he kept fold flat in a lever arch file. On game days the Engineer would put on a game open this box, bring out folded flat scenery and erect there and then in front of your eyes.

I wanted this scenery due to storage problems I have at home. Then a couple of days ago I had an email in my Inbox from Brian Hadley via one of the Yahoo groups. He had finally produced a pack.

The pack includes a building, a wall, a ridge and a tank trap. Its a downloadable PDF so you can print off as many of each as you want. The author recommends you print onto coloured card and there are very precise instructions on how to fit it all together and how to fold it flat.

I've already sent an email with my ideas. hedges, fences, bridges and middle east buildings.

The terrain pack is available from Wargaming Online for the very cheap price of $4.00

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Anonymous said...

This is a cool idea, but I am overwhelmed by the complexity of what appear to be simple hills. I have considerable experience building paper models, and these hills seem WAY over engineered. Obviously, the fact that they fold flat is what makes them complex, but that is not enough of an advantage to overcome the work required to build them.