Thursday, 25 September 2008

Steel and Bone, A fantasy Wargaming scenario

The following rules have been sent to me by Trevor Wiley:

You will need a 1x1 playing surface, free of obstacles.

You will need Six Stands of Elves (1/72 Scale) and Six Stands of Humans (1/72 Scale)

You can start both sides on opposite sides of the table. They may array their figures in any formation, though they cannot pass 2 inches from the edge.

The order of Battle is This:

1. Elves Move
2. Elves Shoot
3. Humans Move
4. Humans Shoot
5. Charge into Melee
6. Melee
7. Back to number one

Both sides may move four inches per turn. All figures move four individually. You cannot share moves.

When shooting, you must be within three inches of the unit you wish to shoot at to shoot.

You then roll a six sided die for each stand attacking. For each roll of a 5 or 6, destroy an enemy stand.

When engaging in melee, you must first charge. If it matters, Elves charge first. You select one enemy stand as your focal point, and then declare a charge. Move four inches, right up next to the enemy unit, and then both of you roll a six sided die. Add these modifiers: +1 if Outnumbering opponent +1 if flanking or on rear. The lowest die roll loses one stand and retreats to edge of space.

Victory Conditions: You must make the enemy team surrender or destroy all their forces.

Use a 1x1 Grass mat, With a road with a fork in it, to play this version:

The only difference is you must hold the fork at the end of the battle.


John said...

Simple game. Looks like one that can be played with the kids. How does one make the other side surrender?

mindbees said...

Good post