Friday, 10 October 2008

Fields Of Glory - ACW Style Intro

Last night I had a game of American Civil War using 20mm Plastics. Myself and Garry Hinchliffe have played numerous sets of rules over the years from Fire and Fury to Warmaster, Civil War Battles and lots of homegrown rules.

A few weeks ago Garry mentioned he wanted to try the Fields of Glory (FoG). The previous week I had watched a couple of guys in the club play an ancient battle using FoG and liked some of the mechanisms in the game.

I said to Garry why don't we try FoG for ACW. He agreed and I said I'd knock something up over the next week and sent it to him.

My first problem is I don't play Ancients so didn't have a copy of the rules, however, there are a couple of very comprehensive playsheets on the web so off I set.

The complex move test stayed, as did both the cohesion tests and the shooting phase. All that was needed was the said tables to be adapted to ACW warfare and that included ranges, movement distances, modifiers.

A big change was made to the melee phase. Impact was thrown out as I felt it didn't fit into ACW. Instead in the move phase units would declare a charge. The testing unit basically does a morale test and has to pass to initiate the charge. If it fails it does not charge home. Secondly the receiving unit has to conduct a morale test. Ot stand it has to pass. If it does then it conducts a defensive fire (which is shooting at the attacker). The attacker must take any morale tests as it closes if required. Melee is then conducted in the melee phase later.

The main addition to the rules was the use of an activation phase which was based on Civil War Battles. We feel it gives a real good flavour and uncertainty to the period.

So last night we tried the draft rules with 8 units of infantry, 2 units of cavalry and 2 artillery units each. For simplicity each inf unit was armed with rifles and when 1st activated a D6 rolled to decide whether it was Raw (1) average (2-5) or veteran (6). Not surprisingly there was only 1 veteran unit on the table, several raw units and the rest being average. Each inf unit was 6 stands, cavalry units were 4 stands.

Several minor amendments were made to the rules as we played but overall the game worked very well and gave a good flow to the game without to much headache.

I intend to publish the rules over the next week or so for all to enjoy and welcome any feedback.

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