Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Light Bikes Rules for Tron

I was going to write some Light Cycle rules for Tron but found this set for 64 pence on Wargames Vault so for that price I bought them.

Light Bikes

Tron Legacy Bikes

These Tron Light Cycles are being sold in Poundland for £1 each. So bought myself 9, they are diecast metal.

All I have to do now is write some rules for Light Cycle racing.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Victor Charles Rules

In the New Year I will be starting a new project where I plan to write a new set of Vietnam War rules. The rules will be written pver a period of time and will be featured on a new blog:

Victor Charles

Visitors to the blog will be able to see these rules develop over several months and maybe even contribute/

Sunday, 27 November 2011

PISS - Star Wars

Paddy and myself have a number of the Star Wars Miniatures Spaceships.

We needed some rules which allowed us to field large numbers of these ships without bogging down keeping track of damage etc etc which other very good rules like Silent Death and Full Thrust do.

So I wrote these set of rules called Pete's Incredibly Simple System (PISS) - Star Wars. They are played on a hex cloth. We use cut down coloured pipe cleaners which we wrap around the base to denote damaged ship (red coloured) and torpedoes fired (blue coloured).

So we remember which ship has moved/fired we place a dice behind it, you can use stone, debris.

These rules are quick and brutal but give a fun game, allowing the players to concentrate on tactics. Taking another ship head on is risk because if you miss or only damage it, they will get an immediate shot back so it encourages side or tailing shots. We also reduced the power of Torpedoes after the first game as they were too powerful.

Download the rules (PDF)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Pony Wars

A short while ago Si Graham put on a 28mm Pony Wars game using Britannia figures. He had written some rules based on the old Pony Wars ruleset heavily modified to simplify the shooting. Over the course of the weekend we tweaked the rules and had a damn fine game.

Si (aka Little Si) was the umpire, Alan Fleming, Simon Harris (Big Si) and me were the Cavalry.

Alan was in charge of the outpost with orders to hold it until relieved.

Big Si had to send a cavalry patrol out to circumnavigate the table. Here they leave the fort

I had a foot patrol of 10 men who had to try and make it across the table to the main fort.

As you can see the Native Indians soon found my patrol.

With random dice rolls for the Indians you wouldn't think all the Indians would arrive at the same place...there is no such thing as random.

I soon became doubtful I would make it back to the Fort. Big Si meanwhile was ambling around the table outnumbering small groups of Indians and charging them. They natives didn't stand a chance. Alan was also failing to see much action at the outpost.

Things began to look dire for my foot patrol especially when 3 were killed on the first shooting by the Indians.

I fought a bloody battle all the way down the dry river bed.

I was down to 1 man and just managed to scramble back to the fort. By now Big Si was halfway around the table and had just bushwhacked some gun running Mexicans with a little help from a new mounted patrol from me (off to relieve the outpost) and some fine shooting by Alan from the same outpost.

Alan handed the outpost over to me without the lost of any of his troops. I had lost a couple of men riding across the table to it.

I have to report the outpost fell with the loss of all men. So out of my starting 20 troops only 1 survived. Not good odds under my command.

After looting of the outpost there was 1 big battle on the plains.

Alan and Big Si wiped them out with the help of a Gatling gun.

A fun 2 days was had by all and I now wait for my 20mm Pony Wars figures which I have now bought (plastics).

Now the non random dice rolls began happening again. Indians sir..thousands of them all converging on the outpost.

Another couple of patrols left the fort but with each player trying to get as many points each for themselves I soon realised help was not coming.

Ammunition began to run out and there was Indians crawling over the pallisades.

Then hand to hand fighting on the rooftops.

Unfortunately I couldn't hold the outpost and all men were lost.

That means out of 20 men only 1 survived. You wouldn't want to be in my command.

All the photos taken are here.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Zombie Podcast

Those who know me know I have an unhealthy interest in Zombie related material, my Kindle is just full of zombie novels.

I've now found this zombie podcast. Ideal for playing whilst painting figures....the acting is a bit hammy but then it is a zombie story!

We're Alive

Sunday, 28 August 2011

15mm Corridors

Litko have started doing wooden space hulk corridors in 15mm, ideal for your space games.

Details at:


I don't need them as I have 3 or 4 sets of the space hulk tiles, goes with my 3 or 4 sets of space Crusades boards....but I'm not a compulsive hoarder

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sunday, 3 July 2011

55 Days at Peking - Gauntlet 2011

A turn by turn After Action Report of the 55 Days at Peking game at Gauntlet 2011
By Pete Jones

Losing One Legation Is Unfortunate, Losing Two Is Just Careless

The Legation players were as follows:
United States : Meic (day 1), Jamie (day 2)
Russian : Peter (Day 1), Rich C (day 2)
British : Alan Fleming
German : Garry Hinchcliffe
Japanese : Ian Shaw
French : Richard Baber
Italian : Jamie Crawley
Austro-Hungarian : Richard Crawley (day1), Rich B (day 2)
Umpires: Pete Jones and Will McNally

A report from Peking City by your reporter Pete Jones

1: Following the assassination of the German Minister 2 groups of Boxers appeared in Peking. 1 South of the Fu and 1 South of the Austro-Hungarian Legation. The Coolies refuse to work today for fear of reprisals. Therefore all Legation troops remained within their Legations as they could not build barricades.

2: On the Chinese wall the Germans and Americans received harassing fire to no effect. In the Hanlin 6 Boxers shot at the British Legation and killed 2 Marines, they returned fire and killed ½ the Boxers. The Hospital lost medical supplies so could not discharge any patients. The German Legation was short of food and lost 3 of its men to the Hospital.

3: Things are rapidly going down hill within the City. A new well had to be dug which once again restricted Coolie labour elsewhere in the Legation Quarter. Information was received of an ammunition store west of the French Legation and orders were sent to recover the much needed ammunition. The shooting on the wall continued and armed groups of Boxers now appeared North of the canal and South of the City. 2 Italians ended up in Hospital due to food shortages.

4: Extra water was received in the British Legation this morning but we have no problems here unlike the South of the City. A Boxer mob charged the French Legation but as they came into contact sustained firing wiped the group out. A Boxer group came into contact with the Italian Legation killing 1 Marine and wounding another, but they managed to fight the mob off. The American Legation manhandled their Colt Machine Gun into the street facing north and built a barricade to protect it. Boxer mobs were fought off with combined gunfire from the Russians and Americans.

5: The Japanese sent troops out towards the Fu to help Thornhills Roughs protect the it as the Boxers were now targeting the camp for Women and Children. Shellfire from the Chinese artillery started a fire in the German Legation. The Austro-Hungarian Legation came under Boxer attack and 1 soldier was killed and 1 wounded. A German patrol recovered the ammunition store west of the French Legation as the Boxer mobs approached. The British fire on the Hanlin could not get rid of the Boxer shooters. Fortunately, the Boxers are not very good with the rifles. The Italians send out a couple of troops escorting the Gun Carriage to see if it is any help in the North of the City.

6: A horde of food was found North of the Austro-Hungarian Legation however too many Boxer mobs prevented its retrieval. The Japanese shot many Boxers as the Fu is besieged. Meanwhile in the Austro-Hungarian Legation another melee was fought off at the loss of 2 injured marines. The Russians also had 2 men hospitalised whilst in hand hand to hand with the Boxers. The Hospital was now filling up with wounded which meant a lot less troops are available to fight. The Hospital now catches fire which endangers all within it. This is quickly put out with all Legations supplying water to help.

7: Shellfire starts a fire in the French Legation. Under sustained pressure the Austro-Hungarians partly abandon the South of their compound. The Japanese manage to retake the Fu and combine attacks with the Roughs. Russian troops are dispatched to the American Legation as the fighting becomes fierce. The French attempt to douse the fire but despite all the water the fire spreads. These are desperate times. Looting in Legation Street forces the Germans to send out patrols to protect the civilians.

8: Things are now critical at the American, Italian, French and Austro-Hungarian Legations and at this point the Ministers recall all officers to the British Legation for a conference. Morale drops across the City and this halves the effect of all shooting as the troops who no officers for direction. Whilst the conference is taking place the west wall of the British Legation is mined narrowly missing the Hospital. The Italian Gun carriage reaches the Japanese Legation. The French bring their fire under control preventing the loss of their Legation.

9: Food in the German Legation becomes contaminated and they lose troops to the Hospital. The British lose 1 dead to shooting from the Hanlin which is still occupied. The Italians abandon their Legation under weight of numbers of the Boxers. The Russians and British link up their Legations through the mined wall and build barricades to the North to protect themselves.

10: The Boxers climb over the wall of the Italian Legation and raise the Chinese Imperial Flag. They begin looting and setting the building on fire. The second Legation has fallen. The Italian forward party now occupy the vacated Japanese Legation making this their new base. The Coolies in the US Legation leave in the night fearing the Boxers will breach the wall. The Russians and Americans combine fire and stop the Boxer hordes. The Austro Hungarians recover the much needed food North of their Legation.

11. Reports are received of armed gangs killing civilians in the Mongol Market so the Russians sent a patrol out to help. They lose 2 men killed further down the line as the Boxers are fought off.

Our casualties killed so far are: 3 British, 1 Italian, 2 Russians, 1 Austo-Hungarian and 8 Roughs. In the hospital are 2 Germans, 3 Russians, 1 Japanese, 2 British, 5 Americans. The Hospital has patched up many soldiers already and returned them to the Fight.

12: A new start today perhaps? There is no let up from the Boxers with Shellfire starting a fire in the Japanese Legation which is quickly brought under control. The central stone bridge is damaged by Boxers and Coolie workers are dispatched to repair it. 3 groups of Boxers appear to the East of the Fu. Hand to hand at the US Legation kills 1 and wounds 2 others.

13: Doctors work hard in the Hospital helping to patch up soldiers and sending them to the besieged American Legation who are intense pressure. At both ends of the Chinese wall Boxers mobs appear. The colonial troops are now sandwiched between them. Another American is killed in hand to hand fighting.

14: The West French wall is mined and 1 man is killed in the blast. A gun barrel is found and we name it the International Gun. We gave a gun carriage from the Italians, the Russians provide the ammunition and the Americans have 2 men who are prepared to fire it. Firing at the US end of the wall is ineffective. The British are short of ammo and as 2 groups approach they are helpless. Boxers are at the French barricades and the Japanese barricade by the Fu. They have 1 man killed and 3 wounded as 2 Boxer groups approach.

15: Now the Boxers mine the West wall of the US Legation, fortunately no one is injured. The British receive ammunition just in time. The infiltrators are everywhere. At the German end of the wall sustained firing prevents Boxers reaching their barricade. Hand to hand fighting takes place at the US barricade and 1 American is a casualty. A Boxer mob heads towards the front of the British Legation by the Nordenfeldt gun. The British have 1 killed and 2 wounded but hold the front of their compound. The French lose 4 men outside their barricades but holding their barricade just it is very close.

16: The wooden footbridge which is an escape route for the Japanese from the Fu is damaged and is impassable. Coolies desperately repair it. The Austro-Hungarian officer is hospitalised with heat exhaustion. In the South of the City 4 Boxer mobs approach the Colonial troops. The French lose 2 killed and 1 wounded at the barricades. The Russians take further casualties losing 2 dead and 1 wounded but they hold the North part of the City still.

17: Now the infiltrators mine the Russian West wall, the French fall back to their Legation as the Boxer mobs advance and they have run out of ammunition. Another boxer mob contacts the west wall and a further mob are North of the French Legation they are surrounded on 3 sides with no ammo. The Germans hold the wall whilst a second mob tries to rush their barricade. The Russians drive back all the boxer with 2 well aimed volleys.

18: Disaster for the French they cannot find any ammunition. They fall back from their walls making a second line within their Legation. In addition in the confusion they lose their medical supplies to treat their wounded, disaster is imminent. Another Boxer mob contacts the Russians who have another 1 dead and 1 wounded. The German ramp to the wall is damaged preventing them from sending any reinforcements and more importantly retreating.

19: Ammunition is discovered in the Customs house in Boxer country and the Italians dispatch 2 men 2 recover it. The Japanese in the Fu lose 2 dead and 4 injured as 2 mobs attack them and break into the Fu. In the French embassy as the Boxer climb over the walls the French find ammunition opening fire in volleys killing all the Boxers that enter the Legation a heroic last stand. They survive at the point of defeat.

20: The German ramp is repaired and the soldiers on the wall or no longer cut off. With all the Boxer activity no water can be got from the well in the British Legation. The Hanlin which is still occupied by the Boxers has an ammunition cache but no one can get to it. Its just too dangerous out in the streets. There is hand to hand all over the Legation Quarter and our losses mount 1 dead and 1 wounded French, 1 dead and 2 wounded Germans, 3 dead Americans, 2 wounded British and 1 dead and 1 wounded Russians. The Japanese Legation being held by the Italians falls as the Boxer breach the walls. The Italian officer has now lost 2 Legations resulting in the Response by the Russian Minister of “ Losing One Legation Is Unfortunate, Losing Two Is Just Careless”.

21: Much needed food is found in a Chinese store north of the Russian Legation however due to Boxer activity no patrols can retrieve it. 3 Boxer mobs are attacking the Fu and I don't think it can hold. 2 Italians recover the food west of the Austro-Hungarian Legation but are ambushed by 3 Boxers and wounded. In the Fu there are 9 Roughs left and 4 Japanese and its time to abandon it. They head for the British Legation, strength in numbers. The Americans lose another 4, 1 killed and 3 wounded, we don't know how much longer they can hold. The British throw fire pots over the walls causing a fire outside the camp and it keeps the Boxers away.

22: A Chinese cannon appears at the German end of the wall. The Germans leave their Legation pushing South and taking the fight to the Boxers. The French are short of water but now strong in their embassy. The fire outside the British embassy now prevents the British form firing at the Boxers because of the smoke, this might be an own goal. Fortunately the men firing the cannon on the wall are not very competent and cause no casualties.

23: The Americans site the International gun on the middle bridge across the canal. It has a nice line of sight down Legation Street when suddenly there is a loud explosion. The bridge disappears in a cloud of smoke and the gun falls into the canal, it is lost. Boxers appear North and South of the City in 1 big final push.

24: The British Legation catches fire from Chinese shellfire and whilst fighting the fire the troops on the wall finally kill off the remaining Boxers in the Hanlin who have been there since the start of the siege. Desperate hand to hand are taking place everywhere as the Boxers attempt their final assaults. 1 Russian is killed and 4 wounded, but all the lines hold.

25: The Germans report the Relief Column has entered the City, we are saved.

The total killed after 50 days fighting was : 8 Americans, 7 Russians, 4 French, 1 Austro-Hungarian, 3 Japanese, 1 Italian, 2 Germans and 5 British. Total = 31

In the real Siege 52 soldiers were killed, in our refight it was 62. The location of the Colonial Perimeter was almost identical to the historical ending of the siege. Our siege last 50 days, 5 days shorter than the actual siege.

A big thank you to all players.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Age of Arthur

I found this 10 part article on the Age of Arthur wargaming by Guy Halsall.

The article first appeared in Wargames illustrated in 1999. A very good read.


Modern Warfare: infantry attack!

The following rules were sent to me by Oscar Swan:

Infantry units are split up into 4-6 man fire teams. They stay like this no matter what. They cannot merge into another unit or split up into smaller groups. 1 man in the unit may take a HMG or LMG and another may take a sniper or a rocket launcher. The others can either take an assault rifle, shotgun or a sub-machine-gun. All men are armed with a pistol. You have a total of 10,000 USD to spend on each fire team. Every piece of equipment will cost you money.

Infantry- 2d6

Some units specialise in surprise attacks such as commandos or paratroopers. At the beginning of the game you must roll a d6. On a 1 the enemy chooses where they appear on the board. On any other roll they appear where you want them to. However the cannot enter on top of a building or in a building.

To enter a building you must stay in base contact with it for 1 turn. During this time you cannot be shot at or shoot at the enemy.
To reach the next floor roll a d6. On a 3 you reached your destination.

You cannot cross water bigger than 6" across.

If you loose 3 of your men then you must take a morale check. Roll a d6 on a 1,2,3 your men flee In panic towards the nearest board edge. Each turn they may roll a d6. On the first time if you roll a 6 the men rallies and turn back to fight. If you don't he carries on fleeing. The second time round you must roll a 5 then 4 and so on.

Assault rifle (eg: AK-47) 24" 2s
LMG (eg: M24 SAW) 40" 3s
HMG (eg: browning 70cal) 60" 4s
Pistol (eg: desert eagle) 12" 1s
Sniper Rifle (eg: M40 US) 120" 1s
Shotgun (Eg: spas 12) 15" 3s
Sub machine-gun (Eg: MP5) 18" 2s
Rocket launcher (Eg: RPG-7) 50"*

* instead of shots, it fires a 'rocket' or grenade so a small template is used.

To hit a target in..
The open- 4
behind soft cover- 5 (eg: woods)
behind hard cover- 6 (eg: a wall)

To shoot at a target you MUST be able to see either a part of their body or head NOT legs or arms. Every time you fire you use up ammunition. One you have fired a certain amount of bullets you must reload. To do this you must roll a d6. On a 1 you drop the clip and the bullets spill everywhere. You are now minus 1 clip.
On a 2 you put the mag in the wrong way round and you must spend another turn fixing the problem. On a 3,4,5,6 the reload is successful and you may fire the next turn.
To pin a target you must use the order suppressing fire. This means that the enemy cannot fire back but each man, excluding those armed with sniper rifles and rocket launchers, automatically use up one clip of ammunition due to the sheer amounts of bullets needed to keep the enemy from returning fire.

Each man may throw a grenade once per game. It can either be flash, frag, flare or smoke. Grenades can be thrown up to 15". However the player must guess the range.

Flash grenades stun the enemy causing them to only be able to fire one shot each when returning fire.

Frag grenades kill the enemy with and explosion. Every one fully or partly under the small template are killed.

Flare grenades alert air support where to airstrike. An airstrike travels from where the flare is set off, 12" in a straight line. Explosions are every 2". Any one under the small templates is killed.

Smoke grenades block an enemy's line of sight. When the grenade is set off and the enemy try's to shoot they must roll 1d6. On a 4 the enemy can see through the smoke and can fire as normal, otherwise they may not shoot.

At the beginning of the game the defending player may place 10 mines anywhere on the board.
If any soldier walks over one the player that laid the mine rolls a d6. On a 3 it goes off killing anyone under the small template.

Explosive RC cars:
One fire team may be equipped with one. If so they may not use a rocket launcher. To use it, the team has to stay where they are for up to 4 turns. The car may move up to 20" a turn but will automatically blow up after 4 turns of being 'primed'. You can blow it when ever you want. Roll a d6. On a 1 nothing happens. On a 2,3,4,5,6 it blows up and kills any one within the small template.

If you are shot at by an enemy and you can see them you may return fire. However you may only fire half the amount of shots. Eg; my fire team has 1 sub machine-gun, 1 assault rifle, 1 sniper rifle and a LMG. I am fired upon but take no casualties I fire back, though only with 4 shots instead of 8.
When firing back, a rocket launcher may NOT be used.

The countries/ organisations you can be are:
The Mujahadeen
The Triads
North Korea
South Korea
Terrorists in general

The countries are sorted into western countries, middle eastern countries, Asian countries and other.

The following countries/organisations are;

Middle Eastern:

North Korea
South Korea
The triads

Terrorists in general

To make it fair each side must have the same amount of fire teams on each side.

Weapon costs:

Pistols (every model is armed with one)

Desert Eagle: ammo 7 to a clip(tac) can hold 5 clips
100 USD

Colt custom: ammo 10 tac Can hold 8 clips
75 USD

Beretta 9000: ammo 12 tac can hold 8 clips
90 USD

Browning DBAO: ammo 14 tac can hold 6 clips
100 USD

Assault Rifles:

Ak 47: ammo 30 tac can hold 6 clips
1500 USD

M16: ammo 30 tac can hold 8 clips
1800 USD

L-85 A2: ammo 40 tac can hold 8 clips
2000 USD

SIG 552 commando: ammo 40 tac can hold 10 clips
2000 USD

Ak 74: ammo 30 tac can hold 10 clips
1500 USD

FN FAL: ammo 25 tac can hold 8 clips
1800 USD


Benelli M1 super 90: Ammo 5 cartridges can hold 30 cartridges
1750 USD

Spas 12: ammo 8 cartridges can hold 32 cartridges
2000 USD

Riot control: ammo 5 cartridges can hold 30 cartridges
1999 USD

Sniper rifles:

Barrett 50 cal : ammo 8 tac can hold 5 clips
3000 USD

US M40: ammo 8 tac can hold 7 clips
3200 USD

Arctic Warfare Sniper: ammo 10 tac can hold 5 clips
3300 USD

Dragonuv: ammo 8 tac can hold 10 clips
3000 USD


Browning 50cal: 100 tac can hold 2 clips
4000 USD

Browning 70 cal: 150 tac can hold 2 clips
4500 USD


M24A SAW: 100 tac can hold 4 clips
2000 USD

M-60 E3: 90 tac can hold 5 clips
1900 USD

RPK 74: 100 tac can hold 5 clips
1500 USD

Submachine gun:

MP5: 25 tac can hold 8 clips
1200 USD

Colt 635: 25 tac can hold 18 clips
1700 USD

UZI: 30 tac can hold 18 clips
1800 USD

Ak 74 snub nosed: 30 tac can hold 20 clips
1500 USD

Rocket/missile launchers:

RPG 7: can hold 6 rockets
4000 USD

RPG 1: can hold 4 rockets
3000 USD

Javelin ML: can hold 4 rockets
3500 USD

Equipment: (may choose up to 4 items)

Helmet: 50 USD enables a saving throw of 5
Kevlar vest: 100 USD enables a saving throw of 4
(if helmet and Kevlar vest are both used it enables a 3 saving throw)
Assault vest/ webbing: 20 USD enables extra grenade to be thrown
Riot shield: 200 USD ( the man may then only be armed with a pistol) enables 4 saving throw against shots and grenades
Mine sweeper: 500 USD enables you to look at your opponents mine placement at beginning of turn.

The basic cost of recruiting 4 men is 0 USD. To recruit more it will cost you 1000 USD per man.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Ebay Bans Model Hitler figures

A story in the Telegraph the other day was about a gent who was buying bare metal figures, painting them and selling them on ebay.

One of the figures was of Adolf Hitler. Ebay withdrew his auction a they do not allow Nazi memorabilia. However you can sell an Osama Bin Laden figure !

See the article at the Telegraph

Friday, 17 June 2011

Boxer Rebellion - 55 Turns at Peking

Well we roped in lots of people from the Club last night to get a final playtest of the SOTCW game 55 Turns at Peking. This will be our game for the Gauntlet Show.

Finally got all the figures based (whose idea was to do this game at 1:1 scale anyway...oh yes it was mine).

Will has provided the pictures:

The table was pretty crowded and Will and I ran the Boxers. Everyone picked up the game very quickly.

The Italians true to form abandoned their Legation heading for protection with the French and Germans. In the background you can see the abandoned Legation:

Meanwhile Ian Shaw held out with the Austro-Hungarians as long as he could but eventually had to follow suit:

Meanwhile north of the canal the Russians and British were on a co-ordinated defence strategy:

In good old movie fashion it was form a circle with the wagons:

We ran about 10 turns in the 3 hours and it all ran very historically. Everyone seemed to enjoy the game and it was a success.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Boxer Rebellion - test game

Will and I are running a Boxer Rebellion game at Gauntlet on 2nd and 3rd July.

We had our first test game on a full sized layout was held at the Deeside Defenders club last Thursday. I foolishly send we would do the legations at 1 to 1 scale and Will volunteered to do the Terrain.

The British Legation is in the foreground.

German, French and Japanese legations.

The playtest went well but we need more ruins.

I've tweaked the rules, changed the resource cards to coloured chips and am add more event cards.

We have our last playtest tomorrow night with about 6 or 7 other guys from the club.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Chronicles of Blood : Solo Wargaming

I recently downloaded Chronicles of Blood which is a free PDF from Crystal Star Games via RPG Drivethru or Wargames Vault.

It is a Fantasy game and the PDF contains 14 pages. The rules are nice and simple and the mechanics use different types of polyhedral dice for their Fighting, Damage and Morale stats.

The stats are there for the basic types of figures. the intention is to bring out premium content for $1 each (62 pence).

The Company also has a solo RPG Adventure too called Chronicle of Arax which is also recommended.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

New Wargames Auction Site

I have had notification of a new Free UK Auction site for Miniature Wargamers, Collectors and Enthusiasts.

Its called Min-E-Bid.

According to Alix the site owner: "list wanted adds, buy and sell for free" and as he told me in an email "It will help us all get one over on eBay"

So if you can support this site, please head over to Min-E-bid.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

History of The Daleks

I came across this excellent site which is the History of the Daleks from 1963 to 1988.

Dalek 6388.

You can immerse yourself in many hours of facts in the appearances of the Daleks in Doctor Who.

Simply Fantastic.

Saturday, 7 May 2011


I've always been a fan of post apocalyptic car combat games, starting off with Death Race 2000 release in 1975 with David Carradine and Sly Stallone.

Another favourite was the original Mad Max starring a very young Mel Gibson.

Back in my youth I enjoyed the old Cars Wars game from Steve Jackson games.

Well there is another new kid on the block with Outrider from Dicefest Games. it normally retails for £6.10 but is currently on sale at £4.88 from Wargames Vault. I bought it last night and it looks a blast.

Outrider is a game of post-apocalyptic vehicular combat that utilizes a unique blend of dice and card mechanics that create a fast-playing, highly detailed and customizable player experience.

Outrider is a 2D print-and-play game designed to quickly turn your pre-apocalyptic kitchen table into a post-apocalyptic warzone. Outrider features easy-to-construct components and is designed to fit standard-sized card sleeves and collectible card tuckboxes. All you need to add is a set of four (4) gaming dice (d6, d8, d10, d12) to hit the road runnin' and gunnin'. Outrider can also be used as the basis for a fully 3D miniatures game by adding 3D terrain and using the largest ready-made range of the most inexpensive miniatures around: 1/64th scale die cast cars!

Fast and Furious
Teachable in ten minutes, the focus of Outrider is to keep things fast and furious. Most games are playable in a hour. Even with six to eight players, the rounds are quick. The movement mechanics are designed to feel more like driving and less like high school geometry.

Players select their vehicles from a set of templates that represent a wide variety of vehicles - each with its own unique characteristics. Players then use dice to customize (and arm) the vehicles. The dice represent the powerplant, weapons, armor and even the driver of the vehicle. Players form Outriding crews to fit the mission, allowing the players to be flexible in their vehicle (and equipment) selections. Some vehciles may be better suited for certain roles but it's always handy to have someone riding shotgun.

Get Behind the Wheel.
Play is centered around a maneuver deck that allows the players to 'program' their action for a turn. Programmable actions include both movement AND attacks - but players need to be careful: Their drivers may not be able to handle EVERYTHING demanded of them, resulting in a possible loss of control.
Gear Up and Roll Out.

The base game includes four variations of the introductory scenario: 'Roadblock.' These scenarios pit teams of Outriders, Texas Rangers and Comanchero Raiders against one another in various situations involving speedtraps, smuggling runs and sting operations. More vehicles, scenarios, terrain, equipment and rules expansion are available in the form of Bolt-Ons, allowing players to customize and scale their Outrider experience for their group or event.

The game is compatible with match box cars but the ones I really fancy are Jada 1/64 Battle Cars, though I can't find a UK distributor yet. Look at this beauty:

Monday, 2 May 2011

Little Wars

If you have a kindle you can now download the grandfather of all wargames books for free. I'm talking about H.G. Wells Little Wars.

Little Wars is a set of rules for playing with toy soldiers, written by H. G. Wells in 1913. Its full title is Little Wars: a game for boys from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty and for that more intelligent sort of girl who likes boys' games and books

Download it for free from the Gutenberg Project, versions are also available in html and text.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mobile Version of Website

If you visit the freewargamesrules website now via your mobile device you will now get a mobile version of the website.

Monday, 11 April 2011


There may be interrupted access to this website over the next 48 hours as we switch servers. Your patience is appreciated.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Braid & Cockade

By Greg Barnsley

Turn Sequence
1. Designated defender moves and makes formation changes
2. Designated attacker moves and makes formation changes
3. Simultaneous shooting takes place
4. Attacker declares and tests units that may charge; defender tests units charged.
5. Defender declares and tests units that may charge; attacker tests units charged.
6. Move charging and counter charging units and resolve close combat (Melees).
7. End phase and additional morale tests.

March Column: 6-4 stands one behind the other 1 x 6-4
Attack Column: 6-4 stands in a block; 2 x 3, 2 x 2+1×1 or 2 x 2
Reinforced line: 6-4 stands in two separate lines 3+3, 3+2 or 2+2
Line: 6-4 stands side by side 6 x 1, 5 x 1 or 4 x 1
Cluster: A unit composed of three stands only 2 + 1
Garrison: 4+ Stands deployed in a built up area or fortification/fort
Square: 6-4 stands in a square arrangement
Artillery deployed: usually shown as gun piece facing enemy side
Artillery limbered: usually shown as gun piece facing away from enemy

All movement may begin or end in a free turn-about of 180 degrees
All march columns and limbered artillery move 20” on road
All march columns and limbered artillery* move 12” off road.
Deployed artillery** may move 2” on road and on clear/open terrain
Infantry in attack column move 6” & charge 6” in clear/open terrain
Infantry in reinforced line move 4” & charge 4” in all types of viable terrain
Infantry in line move 2” & charge 2” in clear/open terrain
Infantry in square move 4” in clear/open terrain & may not charge
Cavalry in reinforced line move 8” and charge 8” in clear/open terrain
Clusters and garrisons do not move or charge; other than ‘garrison’ formation changing.

Changing formations; this action takes up a full move:-
March columns may move from adjacent to a built up area into a garrison (cavalry dismount).
Garrisoned units can move adjacent to the built up area, occupied, into a march column
Infantry in march column, attack column, reinforced line, line and square may change formation into
a march column, attack column, reinforced line, line or square in open.
Cavalry can change from march column to reinforced line and visa versa in open.
Artillery may change from deployed to limber and visa versa in open
Horse artillery* may move 12” and change from limber to deployed in open.
Horse artillery** may change from deployed to limber and move 12” in open.
Light infantry may deploy in reinforced line on hills and in woods; others in march column or cluster.
Artillery may never be in woods or hills; unless the artillery base is in limber.

Artillery roll: at close range 6” 3 d6; at effective range 18” 2 d6 and 1 d6 at long range 36”.
Artillery that fire at artillery deployed or in limber roll 1d6 at ranges 3” – 24” and no greater.
Infantry in line formation roll four d6 at 9” range verse targets in open.
Infantry in line formation roll four d6 at 3” range verse targets in woods, garrison or artillery.
Infantry in reinforced lines roll three d6 at 9” range verse targets in open.
Infantry in reinforced line roll three d6 at 3” range verse targets in woods, garrison or artillery.
Infantry in attack columns roll two d6 at 6” range verse targets in open.
Infantry in attack columns roll two d6 at 3” range verse targets in woods, garrison or artillery.
Infantry in march columns roll one d6 at 6” range verse targets in open.
Infantry in march columns roll one d6 at 3” range verse targets in woods, garrison or artillery.
All clusters roll one d6 at 6” range verse targets in open.
All clusters roll one d6 at 3” range verse targets in woods, garrison or artillery.
Squares and Garrisons roll one d6 at range 9” in each of the four directions; front, rear, left and right flanks.

Fire resolution
Each d6 adjusted that realise 7+ removes a targeted stand
Each d6 adjusted that realise 4-6 removes a targeted stand on a further d6 roll of 1 to 3
Each d6 adjusted that realise 1-3 removes a target stand on a further d6 roll of 1
Zero and negative, adjusted, results have no effect

Morale test to charge, or in response to a charged:-
• Cavalry in reinforced line must test to charge: a square – may charge other cavalry, artillery deployed & in limber, infantry in attack & march columns, reinforced lines & lines and all clusters without need to test morale – may not charge units in woods, on hills or who are in garrison.
• Infantry in attack column must test to charge: cavalry (not in cluster) and infantry in attack columns – may charge, artillery deployed & in limber, infantry in march columns, reinforced lines & lines and all clusters without need to test morale – may not charge units in woods, on hills or who are in garrison.
• Infantry in reinforced line must test to charge: a garrison and infantry in reinforced line – may charge, artillery deployed & in limber, infantry in march columns, lines and all clusters without need to test morale – may not charge cavalry (not in cluster), infantry in attack column, units in woods or on hills; unless those testing, to make this charge, are light infantry verse a target unit that is in a wood or on a hill.
• Infantry in line must test to charge infantry in march columns, lines, artillery deployed & in limber, and all clusters – may not charge cavalry (not in cluster), infantry in attack column & in reinforced lines, units in woods or on hills or who are in garrison.
• If the target of a charge is: infantry in square, deployed artillery, cavalry in reinforced line or unit in garrison no test in response is required; all other units and artillery in limber must test morale if charged.

Result of moral test required above;

Roll one d6 and adjust as per those items that apply (see melee plus and minus below):-
4+ no effect, chargers may charge and units being charged may stand to receive or if cavalry counter charge at least 2 inches, and up to half distance between them and the initiating charger if, desired, at the discretion of the charged unit.
3 or less unit testing to charge does not charge, with no other adverse effects; units and stands being charged retire 12” and end in a march column or artillery in limber facing away; unless they were a cluster in which case they count shattered and are removed. If this retirement move would take a unit or stand off table it is removed.

Units that declared a charge, and whose target ran away – retired, only need to advance 2 inches; and may if they wish move, any part of, the rest of their available charge move.

English line & light infantry do not need to test morale to receive a charge by opposing infantry.

Please note: if you are the designated defender you may not declare a charge against an attacking unit that is charging to contact one of your units; how ungentlemanly of you to think you could!

Close combat resolution
March columns, limber, deployed artillery and clusters get one d6 roll
Lines get two d6 rolls
Attack columns and reinforced lines get 3 d6 rolls
Squares and garrisons get four d6 rolls

Roll these dice, add number of bases each side has in melee, and adjust (see melee plus and minus below) to, total rolled. Compare the two side’s results; this normally is unit on unit or unit on artillery base. If the difference is Zero both sides loose a base and immediately fight another round of hand to hand combat. All other results impact on the losing side rolling the final difference in the results, in dice; on each roll of a 1-2 the losing side will remove a base up to the number of bases that that side has in the particular melee. Infantry and cavalry units reduced to 2 or fewer bases are eliminated.

End phase
All cuirassier stands that charged and were involved in hand to hand combat roll a d6, each resulting 3 or less rolled removes a stand; all other heavy cavalry and lancers, in this situation remove a stand on a 2 or less; and all other light cavalry remove a stand on a roll of 1.

All artillery stands that were involved in hand to hand combat roll a d6; if a 6 is rolled they are not removed.

All artillery stands, infantry and cavalry units that were involved in close combat or infantry and cavalry who are in a cluster formation roll a d6 and adjust (see morale plus and minus below).

Result is 7+ recover a stand, previously lost for any reason (NB cavalry and infantry units only).

Result is 4-6 no effect.

Result is 1-3 units will lose an additional stand. Garrisons count this result as no effect.
[Infantry and cavalry units reduced to 2 or fewer bases are eliminated.]

Result is Zero unit will fall back 12”*** and end in a march column or a cluster.
[If this retirement*** move would take a unit or stand off table it is removed.]

Result is negative, -1 or less, the unit is removed as shattered.

Game factors
+1 in shooting:-
target is in march or attack column, cluster, square or artillery in limber;
if light infantry armed with rifles;
if classed as proficient or if firing unit is in garrison.

- 1 in shooting:-
target is a garrison or deployed artillery;
target is light infantry in a wood or on a hill,
if classed as novice or if firing unit moved or changed formation this turn.

+ 4 in melee:-
if cavalry in reinforced line verse infantry not in square or attack column - in open;
if lancers verse any cavalry – in open;
if heavy cavalry verse light cavalry or infantry not in square - in open;
if cuirassiers verse heavy or light cavalry or any infantry not in square - in open;
if cavalry versus light infantry not in square - in open;
if infantry in attack column verse infantry - in open;
if close order infantry verse light infantry - in open;
if opponent is in a cluster.
if classed as superior quality
if uphill or behind cover such as wall, etc (not woods-see below).
if opponent is artillery

-4 in melee:-
if other than light infantry involved in close combat in woods.
if classed as inferior quality.
if in march column and involved in close combat
if opponent is a garrison or cavalry in close combat with a square.
if in a cluster
if poorly armed
if artillery fighting

+ 1 in morale:-
if high quality or in Grand Battery
if in a garrison, attack column, square or deployed artillery stand
if just won close combat / melee this turn

-1 in morale:-
if low quality or other than light infantry in woods or on hills
if in a cluster or artillery in limber
if just lost close combat / melee this turn

Grand Battery
A designated attacking force may mass all available artillery stands into a single large, temporary battery. This battery may not move via limber and must remain joined for the entire game. It gains plus one in morale; may move 2 inches per turn; and acts as a unit if charged – all stand fight in melee with one d6. NB All artillery stands that were involved in hand to hand combat roll a d6; if a 6 is rolled they are not removed. If this grand battery fails a morale test to receive a charge it is shattered and removed.

The commander in chief or an aide-de-camp may form a ‘grand battery’ for a defending force. To do so the general must remain with this ‘grand battery’. If this ‘grand battery’ is involved in close combat the general will add a d6 roll to the melee result of the battery; the general will exhaust their utility value by doing so.

The commander in chief or a divisional commander may join an infantry or cavalry unit, under their command, and accompany it in a charge and resulting close combat; the unit will not need to test morale to charge and the general will add a d6 roll to the melee result of the unit; the general will exhaust their utility value by doing so.

Any general may join a unit in their force that is in ‘march column’ and take command of it; to form an assault column. Assault columns only move to charge 24” into close combat with an enemy garrison or unit/stand of artillery blocking egress of a bridge, ford or causeway.

Assault columns may only be shoot at by units/artillery stands in range before the assault column charges. Assault columns do not need to take a morale test to charge. Combat between assault columns and their target are resolved as per “RISK” combat; this melee is to the end so no retreat. If the attacking force incurs any casualties the first is the general’s stand itself. The general’s command stand’s utility value is exhausted if its stand is a casualty.

A divisional commander or the commander in chief may join a cluster, under their command, that survived the end phase morale test and convert their command stand into a stand belonging to the unit that is in cluster; this unit is now 4 stands in strength so may retire 6” immediately and reform into any available formation. The general’s utility value is exhausted by doing so.

Roll dice to see who is the designated attacker — high roller attacks. Attacker must drive defender off the game table or the defender wins. Attacker gets to choose which side of the table they wish to deploy on. The Defender may deploy up to 15” in from their side edge; and deploys all artillery followed by the attacker doing so and so on for infantry, cavalry and commanders. The attacker may deploy up to 9” in from their side edge.

Space Convoy

By Greg Barnsley
A futuristic space ship engagement

A space game for two: one player commands the convoy group known as the ‘Freeloaders’ and the other commands the ‘Naztees’ (Nasties).

Object for the Freeloaders is to win by getting ‘Brigghavens’ (AKA transports) off the other side of table edge.

No Brigghavens off Freeloaders lose
1 Brigghaven off - roll 1d6 on a result of 6 Freeloaders win
2 Brigghavens off - roll 1d6 on a result of 4 + Freeloaders win
3 Brigghavens off - roll 1d6 on a result of 2 + Freeloaders win
4 Brigghavens off and Freeloaders win

You will need a table 3’x 6’, and a table cloth marked in rectangles 90mm x 150mm offset (the grid). Plus some suitable models, we use metal pencil sharpeners in the shape of ships and planes.

Randomly placed objects: 1 x Nebular, 2 x Planets and 4 x Ice Comets on table. These objects will have a gravitational pull of between -1 to -3 on the speed roll die of an adjacent vessel;
Ice Comets -1, Planets -2 and a Nebular -3. You will need to make these items.

Only one vessel or object may occupy an area at any time.

Freeloaders force = 1 x Blitzship (battleships), 3 x Slayers (aircraft will do) and 4 x Brigghavens (transports) starting off table east side, one of the short 3’ ends.

Naztees force = 1 x Harsh Crusher (heavy cruiser), 1 x Lite Crusher (light cruiser) and Sub-lite-vessels – Coffins (submarines)

Naztees may deploy Crushers in any area on 1st row west; a short 3’ end.

Coffins may deploy in any row up to row six from west edge upon a d6 deployment roll.

Vessel — Move — Defence — Firepower
Blitzship — 3+ on d6 — 3 x d6 Blue; 2vSubs — 3 x d6 Red & 3 d6 White
Slayer — 3+ on d6 — 1 d6 plus 1 per area from N* — 1 x d6 Red & 1 d6 White
Brigghavens — 3+ on d6 — 2 x d6 Blue [Added]; 1vSubs — None
Coffin — 4+ on d6 — 1 d6 vs. Slayers only — 1 x d6 Red & 2 d6 White
Harsh Crusher — 3+ on d6 — 2 x d6 Blue — 2 x d6 Red & 2 d6 White
Lite Crusher — 2+ on d6 — 2 x d6 Blue — 2 x d6 Red & 1 d6 White

N* = Firing Naztee unit. ONLY SLAYERS can attack COFFINS. Briggs have No fire power.

To move one square on the grid a vessel must roll the required number, or greater, on a d6; and if not achieved it counts as a fail and the initiative goes to other side.

The best Blue Defence d6 is compared to, and if equal to or better than the best Red Firepower d6 then the attack has been defeated; the initiative will go to the other side. The white die will give the range and must be equal to or greater than the number of grid squares to target including grid square occupied by target, however not the grid square occupied by the initiating firing vessel. If the white d6 is insufficient – less than range in grid squares a fail has occurred and initiative goes to the other side; a success requires a red d6 greater than the best blue d6 - or total (see Slayer and Brigghavens above); and requires a white d6 with a sufficient range result.

When a successful hit is achieved consult hit table below:

Hit Table

Roll 1D6 Yellow:

On a 1 — Coffins, Brigghavens, Slayers, Lite / Harsh Crushers and Blitzships destroyed.

On a 2 — Coffins, Brigghavens, Slayers and Lite Crushers destroyed no effect on not listed.

On a 3 — Coffins and Brigghavens are destroyed, with no effect on those not listed.

On a 4 — Vessel is only able to move on a modified roll of 5+.

On a 5 — Reduce protection to max: 1d6, and if hit was on a Coffin or Slayer it is destroyed.

On a 6 — Reduce firepower to none, and if hit was on a Brigghaven it is destroyed.

Same hit results have no further or additional affects other than to frustrate.

A no damage result from Hit Table does not constitute a failure or trigger loss of initiative.

NB the loss of initiative and the resulting switch in sides is Key to the way the game is played.

Removed Naztee units are recycled.
A Naztee commander needs the initiative to recycle one unit, thus completing that initiative.

Modern Skirmish

By Greg Barnsley
Simple one on one modern combat 1950-2150

Affiliation vs. Antagonist
The antagonist player starts with the initiate, and is followed by the affiliation player. With the initiative a player will first test the morale of the unit they wish to activate. Players may continue to activate the same unit if they so desire.


Check by the activating player rolling a die:

Deduct one from the die roll if the unit testing has 4-6 morale minuses.
Deduct two from the die roll if the unit testing has 7-10 morale minuses.
Deduct three from the die roll if the unit testing has 11-12 morale minuses.

If final result is one or more the unit may act as the player desires; the initiating player may fire an individual figure and not loose the inactive; however will still test moral to initiate again following this fire action. A unit that is activated, via the initiative to move, may move any or all individuals in that unit; and by doing so will yield the initiative to the other side.

If final result is zero or less the unit may not be activated. Go to next (other) player’s initiating / activation phase.

A unit will rout when it has acquired 13 or more morale minuses; the unit is then removed from play. Go to next (other) player’s activation / initiating phase.

Morale minuses are acquired by units as set out below; it is best to keep account of these:

Minus 4 - for each individual casualty (KIA) incurred by testing unit.
Minus 2 - for each friendly unit in that has been routed.
Minus 1 - each ammo marker acquired by the unit.
Ammo markers are acquired each time a unit’s figure rolls a double during fire.


Individuals that fire roll dice (1D6 coloured and 1D6 white) and utilise differential between the dice, differential must be within limits of the chat below, for the figure firing, related to target’s cover & specific range for a hit to be achieved.

Affiliation Legionaries - Auxiliaries - Antagonist Soldier -Confederate
Open - Cover - Open - Cover - Open - Cover - Open - Cover
60cm 2-5 - 3-5 4-5 - 5-5 3-5 - 4-5 4-5 - 5-5
50cm 1-5 - 2-5 3-5 - 4-5 2-5 - 3-5 3-5 - 4-5
30cm 0-5 - 1-5 2-5 - 3-5 1-5 - 2-5 2-5 - 3-5

The target is KIA if the above differential specification was rolled and the colour die was within the specification of the following chat:
Affiliation Legionaries - Auxiliaries - Antagonist Soldier - Confederate
Open – Cover; Open- Cover; Open – Cover; Open- Cover.
60cm 3-6 4-6 5-6 6-6 4-6 5-6 5-6 6-6
50cm 2-6 3-6 4-6 5-6 3-6 4-6 4-6 5-6
30cm 1-6 2-6 3-6 4-6 2-6 3-6 3-6 4-6

Individual figures of activated units may move:-
150mm if begin and end move outside of buildings
100mm to go from inside to outside a building or visa versa
50mm to its change place within a building.

Close combat:
Hand to hand combat is resolved between individual figures. A play must use an initiative action to move into base contact with an enemy individual; this constitutes the total movement available for the unit that is being activated. Each player rolls dice and takes their total differential and compares to their opponent’s total.
Attacker 0 —- 1 —- 2—- 3 —- 4 —- 5
0 BE - DE - DE - DE - DE - DE
1 BE - BE - DE - DE - DE - DE
2 AE - BE - BE - DE - DE - DE
3 AE - AE - BE - BE - DE - DE
4 AE - AE - AE - BE - BE - DE
5 AE - AE - AE - AE - BE - BE

AE = Attacker Eliminated; BE = Both Eliminated & DE = Defender Eliminated

Winners and 1oser:
1 point is gained for each enemy KIA. The side that won the skirmish and is in control of the field multiplies their score by three. Highest score wins. Skirmish winner wins ties.


Affiliation Legionaries: Six men per unit X 2 Units.
Affiliation Auxiliaries: Six men per unit X 1 Unit.
Antagonist Soldier: Nine men per unit X 2 Units.
Antagonist Confederate: Nine men per unit X 1 Unit.

1880 Gun fights

The “End of Ned”: A 54mm miniatures game of the Glenrowan siege


“Shoot out at OK Corral”: A 54mm miniatures game of the Tombstone gunfight
by Greg Barnsley

You will need some 54mm miniature figures to represent the characters and sundry terrain; a flat surface – table to play upon, dice and measuring tape.

Roll a die (d6) & consult activation table below.
On activation figures may either move or shoot.
All movement or shooting begins and ends with a free turn.
Movement = 12” per activation used.
To jump a fence takes a move, from side to the other.
To move position anywhere inside a room, within a building, takes a full move.
To enter or exit a door takes a full move, from one side to the other.

The Kelly Gang:
Ned Kelly in armour - Pistol
Dan Kelly in armour - Rifle
Steve Hart in armour - Rifle
Joe Byrne in armour - Rifle

The Victorian Police:
Superintendent Hare - Rifle
Sub Inspector O’Conner - Rifle
Constable # 1 - Rifle
Constable # 2 - Rifle
Constable #3 - Shot Gun
Constable #4 - Shot Gun
Tracker # 1 - Rifle
Tracker #2 - Rifle

The Earp Mob:
Doc Holliday - Shot Gun
Morgan Earp - Rifle
Virgil Earp - Pistol
Wyatt Earp - Pistol

The Clanton Group:
Billy Claiborne - Pistol
Ike Clanton - Pistol
Will Clanton - Rifle
Frank McLaury - Pistol
Tom McLaury- Rifle

Fire arms base to hit table:
Weapon — Range —- d6 to hit roll, required.

Pistol —– 6 inches —- NT 2 to 6; CT and AT 6 only; PT - N/A

Shotgun — 12 inches —- NT 3 to 6; CT and AT 4 to 6; PT - N/A

Rifle —– 24inches —- NT 4 to 6; CT and AT 5 or 6; PT 6 only

NT = normal target — unarmoured in open
CT = covered target — unarmoured and in cover (NB an unarmoured fig inside a room counts as covered).
AT = armoured target — a Kelly Gang member in armour in open
PT = armoured & cover — a Kelly Gang member in armour and in cover

Normally a figure requires a line of sight to shoot at a target; the exception to this rule is shooting randomly into a building with a rifle in which case a 6 will be a hit, however, a 1 result will hit a random figure on fare side of building.

Each time a figure is hit, mark off its name from columns A, B, C & D (NB start from top left).
A figure loses its initiative if its name is marked off before it activates - on a particular d6 roll. (NB even just before). When a miniature’s last name space is marked of (LAST NAME SPACE*) the figure is removed from play.

Constables and trackers in column D are not marked off when hit. Each time a constable or tracker is hit, on a natural roll of 6 remove figure from play, otherwise redeploy on next activation.

Constables redeploy 6” from Hare, and as far as possible from any Kelly Gang member.
Trackers redeploy 6” from O’Conner, and as far as possible from Kelly Gang member.
Redeployment takes up the redeployed figure’s activation, as if they had just moved.

If Superintendent Hare or Sub Inspector O’Conner figures are removed from play, constables and trackers cannot be redeployed respectively. They are removed from play if hit.

Play ends when one side has no figures left in play.

Activation table for End of Ned:
d6 —- A —-/—- B —-/—- C —-/—- D

1 – Joe & Steve -/- O’Conner –/- Ned -/- All constables & Trackers

2 – Joe & Dan –/- Hare –/- Ned -/- All constables & Trackers

3 – JOE* & Dan -/- O’Conner –/- Ned -/- All constables & Trackers

4 – Steve & Dan –/- Hare –/- Ned -/- All constables & Trackers

5 – Steve & Dan -/- O’CONNER* –/- Ned -/- All constables & Trackers

6 - STEVE * & DAN* –/- HARE* -/- NED* - All constables & Trackers

Shoot out at OK Corral:
Activation table for Shoot out at OK Corral:
d6 –- A —- B —— C ——– D

1 – Wyatt — Frank — Virgil —- Billy

2 – Wyatt — Will — Virgil — Tom

3 – Morgan — Frank — VIRGIL* —- Billy

4 – MORGAN* — Frank — Doc —- TOM*

5 – Wyatt — WILL* — Doc — BILLY*

6 – WYATT* — FRANK* — DOC* —- IKE*