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1880 Gun fights

The “End of Ned”: A 54mm miniatures game of the Glenrowan siege


“Shoot out at OK Corral”: A 54mm miniatures game of the Tombstone gunfight
by Greg Barnsley

You will need some 54mm miniature figures to represent the characters and sundry terrain; a flat surface – table to play upon, dice and measuring tape.

Roll a die (d6) & consult activation table below.
On activation figures may either move or shoot.
All movement or shooting begins and ends with a free turn.
Movement = 12” per activation used.
To jump a fence takes a move, from side to the other.
To move position anywhere inside a room, within a building, takes a full move.
To enter or exit a door takes a full move, from one side to the other.

The Kelly Gang:
Ned Kelly in armour - Pistol
Dan Kelly in armour - Rifle
Steve Hart in armour - Rifle
Joe Byrne in armour - Rifle

The Victorian Police:
Superintendent Hare - Rifle
Sub Inspector O’Conner - Rifle
Constable # 1 - Rifle
Constable # 2 - Rifle
Constable #3 - Shot Gun
Constable #4 - Shot Gun
Tracker # 1 - Rifle
Tracker #2 - Rifle

The Earp Mob:
Doc Holliday - Shot Gun
Morgan Earp - Rifle
Virgil Earp - Pistol
Wyatt Earp - Pistol

The Clanton Group:
Billy Claiborne - Pistol
Ike Clanton - Pistol
Will Clanton - Rifle
Frank McLaury - Pistol
Tom McLaury- Rifle

Fire arms base to hit table:
Weapon — Range —- d6 to hit roll, required.

Pistol —– 6 inches —- NT 2 to 6; CT and AT 6 only; PT - N/A

Shotgun — 12 inches —- NT 3 to 6; CT and AT 4 to 6; PT - N/A

Rifle —– 24inches —- NT 4 to 6; CT and AT 5 or 6; PT 6 only

NT = normal target — unarmoured in open
CT = covered target — unarmoured and in cover (NB an unarmoured fig inside a room counts as covered).
AT = armoured target — a Kelly Gang member in armour in open
PT = armoured & cover — a Kelly Gang member in armour and in cover

Normally a figure requires a line of sight to shoot at a target; the exception to this rule is shooting randomly into a building with a rifle in which case a 6 will be a hit, however, a 1 result will hit a random figure on fare side of building.

Each time a figure is hit, mark off its name from columns A, B, C & D (NB start from top left).
A figure loses its initiative if its name is marked off before it activates - on a particular d6 roll. (NB even just before). When a miniature’s last name space is marked of (LAST NAME SPACE*) the figure is removed from play.

Constables and trackers in column D are not marked off when hit. Each time a constable or tracker is hit, on a natural roll of 6 remove figure from play, otherwise redeploy on next activation.

Constables redeploy 6” from Hare, and as far as possible from any Kelly Gang member.
Trackers redeploy 6” from O’Conner, and as far as possible from Kelly Gang member.
Redeployment takes up the redeployed figure’s activation, as if they had just moved.

If Superintendent Hare or Sub Inspector O’Conner figures are removed from play, constables and trackers cannot be redeployed respectively. They are removed from play if hit.

Play ends when one side has no figures left in play.

Activation table for End of Ned:
d6 —- A —-/—- B —-/—- C —-/—- D

1 – Joe & Steve -/- O’Conner –/- Ned -/- All constables & Trackers

2 – Joe & Dan –/- Hare –/- Ned -/- All constables & Trackers

3 – JOE* & Dan -/- O’Conner –/- Ned -/- All constables & Trackers

4 – Steve & Dan –/- Hare –/- Ned -/- All constables & Trackers

5 – Steve & Dan -/- O’CONNER* –/- Ned -/- All constables & Trackers

6 - STEVE * & DAN* –/- HARE* -/- NED* - All constables & Trackers

Shoot out at OK Corral:
Activation table for Shoot out at OK Corral:
d6 –- A —- B —— C ——– D

1 – Wyatt — Frank — Virgil —- Billy

2 – Wyatt — Will — Virgil — Tom

3 – Morgan — Frank — VIRGIL* —- Billy

4 – MORGAN* — Frank — Doc —- TOM*

5 – Wyatt — WILL* — Doc — BILLY*

6 – WYATT* — FRANK* — DOC* —- IKE*

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