Thursday, 7 April 2011

Modern Skirmish

By Greg Barnsley
Simple one on one modern combat 1950-2150

Affiliation vs. Antagonist
The antagonist player starts with the initiate, and is followed by the affiliation player. With the initiative a player will first test the morale of the unit they wish to activate. Players may continue to activate the same unit if they so desire.


Check by the activating player rolling a die:

Deduct one from the die roll if the unit testing has 4-6 morale minuses.
Deduct two from the die roll if the unit testing has 7-10 morale minuses.
Deduct three from the die roll if the unit testing has 11-12 morale minuses.

If final result is one or more the unit may act as the player desires; the initiating player may fire an individual figure and not loose the inactive; however will still test moral to initiate again following this fire action. A unit that is activated, via the initiative to move, may move any or all individuals in that unit; and by doing so will yield the initiative to the other side.

If final result is zero or less the unit may not be activated. Go to next (other) player’s initiating / activation phase.

A unit will rout when it has acquired 13 or more morale minuses; the unit is then removed from play. Go to next (other) player’s activation / initiating phase.

Morale minuses are acquired by units as set out below; it is best to keep account of these:

Minus 4 - for each individual casualty (KIA) incurred by testing unit.
Minus 2 - for each friendly unit in that has been routed.
Minus 1 - each ammo marker acquired by the unit.
Ammo markers are acquired each time a unit’s figure rolls a double during fire.


Individuals that fire roll dice (1D6 coloured and 1D6 white) and utilise differential between the dice, differential must be within limits of the chat below, for the figure firing, related to target’s cover & specific range for a hit to be achieved.

Affiliation Legionaries - Auxiliaries - Antagonist Soldier -Confederate
Open - Cover - Open - Cover - Open - Cover - Open - Cover
60cm 2-5 - 3-5 4-5 - 5-5 3-5 - 4-5 4-5 - 5-5
50cm 1-5 - 2-5 3-5 - 4-5 2-5 - 3-5 3-5 - 4-5
30cm 0-5 - 1-5 2-5 - 3-5 1-5 - 2-5 2-5 - 3-5

The target is KIA if the above differential specification was rolled and the colour die was within the specification of the following chat:
Affiliation Legionaries - Auxiliaries - Antagonist Soldier - Confederate
Open – Cover; Open- Cover; Open – Cover; Open- Cover.
60cm 3-6 4-6 5-6 6-6 4-6 5-6 5-6 6-6
50cm 2-6 3-6 4-6 5-6 3-6 4-6 4-6 5-6
30cm 1-6 2-6 3-6 4-6 2-6 3-6 3-6 4-6

Individual figures of activated units may move:-
150mm if begin and end move outside of buildings
100mm to go from inside to outside a building or visa versa
50mm to its change place within a building.

Close combat:
Hand to hand combat is resolved between individual figures. A play must use an initiative action to move into base contact with an enemy individual; this constitutes the total movement available for the unit that is being activated. Each player rolls dice and takes their total differential and compares to their opponent’s total.
Attacker 0 —- 1 —- 2—- 3 —- 4 —- 5
0 BE - DE - DE - DE - DE - DE
1 BE - BE - DE - DE - DE - DE
2 AE - BE - BE - DE - DE - DE
3 AE - AE - BE - BE - DE - DE
4 AE - AE - AE - BE - BE - DE
5 AE - AE - AE - AE - BE - BE

AE = Attacker Eliminated; BE = Both Eliminated & DE = Defender Eliminated

Winners and 1oser:
1 point is gained for each enemy KIA. The side that won the skirmish and is in control of the field multiplies their score by three. Highest score wins. Skirmish winner wins ties.


Affiliation Legionaries: Six men per unit X 2 Units.
Affiliation Auxiliaries: Six men per unit X 1 Unit.
Antagonist Soldier: Nine men per unit X 2 Units.
Antagonist Confederate: Nine men per unit X 1 Unit.

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