Friday, 17 June 2011

Boxer Rebellion - 55 Turns at Peking

Well we roped in lots of people from the Club last night to get a final playtest of the SOTCW game 55 Turns at Peking. This will be our game for the Gauntlet Show.

Finally got all the figures based (whose idea was to do this game at 1:1 scale anyway...oh yes it was mine).

Will has provided the pictures:

The table was pretty crowded and Will and I ran the Boxers. Everyone picked up the game very quickly.

The Italians true to form abandoned their Legation heading for protection with the French and Germans. In the background you can see the abandoned Legation:

Meanwhile Ian Shaw held out with the Austro-Hungarians as long as he could but eventually had to follow suit:

Meanwhile north of the canal the Russians and British were on a co-ordinated defence strategy:

In good old movie fashion it was form a circle with the wagons:

We ran about 10 turns in the 3 hours and it all ran very historically. Everyone seemed to enjoy the game and it was a success.

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