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Modern Warfare: infantry attack!

The following rules were sent to me by Oscar Swan:

Infantry units are split up into 4-6 man fire teams. They stay like this no matter what. They cannot merge into another unit or split up into smaller groups. 1 man in the unit may take a HMG or LMG and another may take a sniper or a rocket launcher. The others can either take an assault rifle, shotgun or a sub-machine-gun. All men are armed with a pistol. You have a total of 10,000 USD to spend on each fire team. Every piece of equipment will cost you money.

Infantry- 2d6

Some units specialise in surprise attacks such as commandos or paratroopers. At the beginning of the game you must roll a d6. On a 1 the enemy chooses where they appear on the board. On any other roll they appear where you want them to. However the cannot enter on top of a building or in a building.

To enter a building you must stay in base contact with it for 1 turn. During this time you cannot be shot at or shoot at the enemy.
To reach the next floor roll a d6. On a 3 you reached your destination.

You cannot cross water bigger than 6" across.

If you loose 3 of your men then you must take a morale check. Roll a d6 on a 1,2,3 your men flee In panic towards the nearest board edge. Each turn they may roll a d6. On the first time if you roll a 6 the men rallies and turn back to fight. If you don't he carries on fleeing. The second time round you must roll a 5 then 4 and so on.

Assault rifle (eg: AK-47) 24" 2s
LMG (eg: M24 SAW) 40" 3s
HMG (eg: browning 70cal) 60" 4s
Pistol (eg: desert eagle) 12" 1s
Sniper Rifle (eg: M40 US) 120" 1s
Shotgun (Eg: spas 12) 15" 3s
Sub machine-gun (Eg: MP5) 18" 2s
Rocket launcher (Eg: RPG-7) 50"*

* instead of shots, it fires a 'rocket' or grenade so a small template is used.

To hit a target in..
The open- 4
behind soft cover- 5 (eg: woods)
behind hard cover- 6 (eg: a wall)

To shoot at a target you MUST be able to see either a part of their body or head NOT legs or arms. Every time you fire you use up ammunition. One you have fired a certain amount of bullets you must reload. To do this you must roll a d6. On a 1 you drop the clip and the bullets spill everywhere. You are now minus 1 clip.
On a 2 you put the mag in the wrong way round and you must spend another turn fixing the problem. On a 3,4,5,6 the reload is successful and you may fire the next turn.
To pin a target you must use the order suppressing fire. This means that the enemy cannot fire back but each man, excluding those armed with sniper rifles and rocket launchers, automatically use up one clip of ammunition due to the sheer amounts of bullets needed to keep the enemy from returning fire.

Each man may throw a grenade once per game. It can either be flash, frag, flare or smoke. Grenades can be thrown up to 15". However the player must guess the range.

Flash grenades stun the enemy causing them to only be able to fire one shot each when returning fire.

Frag grenades kill the enemy with and explosion. Every one fully or partly under the small template are killed.

Flare grenades alert air support where to airstrike. An airstrike travels from where the flare is set off, 12" in a straight line. Explosions are every 2". Any one under the small templates is killed.

Smoke grenades block an enemy's line of sight. When the grenade is set off and the enemy try's to shoot they must roll 1d6. On a 4 the enemy can see through the smoke and can fire as normal, otherwise they may not shoot.

At the beginning of the game the defending player may place 10 mines anywhere on the board.
If any soldier walks over one the player that laid the mine rolls a d6. On a 3 it goes off killing anyone under the small template.

Explosive RC cars:
One fire team may be equipped with one. If so they may not use a rocket launcher. To use it, the team has to stay where they are for up to 4 turns. The car may move up to 20" a turn but will automatically blow up after 4 turns of being 'primed'. You can blow it when ever you want. Roll a d6. On a 1 nothing happens. On a 2,3,4,5,6 it blows up and kills any one within the small template.

If you are shot at by an enemy and you can see them you may return fire. However you may only fire half the amount of shots. Eg; my fire team has 1 sub machine-gun, 1 assault rifle, 1 sniper rifle and a LMG. I am fired upon but take no casualties I fire back, though only with 4 shots instead of 8.
When firing back, a rocket launcher may NOT be used.

The countries/ organisations you can be are:
The Mujahadeen
The Triads
North Korea
South Korea
Terrorists in general

The countries are sorted into western countries, middle eastern countries, Asian countries and other.

The following countries/organisations are;

Middle Eastern:

North Korea
South Korea
The triads

Terrorists in general

To make it fair each side must have the same amount of fire teams on each side.

Weapon costs:

Pistols (every model is armed with one)

Desert Eagle: ammo 7 to a clip(tac) can hold 5 clips
100 USD

Colt custom: ammo 10 tac Can hold 8 clips
75 USD

Beretta 9000: ammo 12 tac can hold 8 clips
90 USD

Browning DBAO: ammo 14 tac can hold 6 clips
100 USD

Assault Rifles:

Ak 47: ammo 30 tac can hold 6 clips
1500 USD

M16: ammo 30 tac can hold 8 clips
1800 USD

L-85 A2: ammo 40 tac can hold 8 clips
2000 USD

SIG 552 commando: ammo 40 tac can hold 10 clips
2000 USD

Ak 74: ammo 30 tac can hold 10 clips
1500 USD

FN FAL: ammo 25 tac can hold 8 clips
1800 USD


Benelli M1 super 90: Ammo 5 cartridges can hold 30 cartridges
1750 USD

Spas 12: ammo 8 cartridges can hold 32 cartridges
2000 USD

Riot control: ammo 5 cartridges can hold 30 cartridges
1999 USD

Sniper rifles:

Barrett 50 cal : ammo 8 tac can hold 5 clips
3000 USD

US M40: ammo 8 tac can hold 7 clips
3200 USD

Arctic Warfare Sniper: ammo 10 tac can hold 5 clips
3300 USD

Dragonuv: ammo 8 tac can hold 10 clips
3000 USD


Browning 50cal: 100 tac can hold 2 clips
4000 USD

Browning 70 cal: 150 tac can hold 2 clips
4500 USD


M24A SAW: 100 tac can hold 4 clips
2000 USD

M-60 E3: 90 tac can hold 5 clips
1900 USD

RPK 74: 100 tac can hold 5 clips
1500 USD

Submachine gun:

MP5: 25 tac can hold 8 clips
1200 USD

Colt 635: 25 tac can hold 18 clips
1700 USD

UZI: 30 tac can hold 18 clips
1800 USD

Ak 74 snub nosed: 30 tac can hold 20 clips
1500 USD

Rocket/missile launchers:

RPG 7: can hold 6 rockets
4000 USD

RPG 1: can hold 4 rockets
3000 USD

Javelin ML: can hold 4 rockets
3500 USD

Equipment: (may choose up to 4 items)

Helmet: 50 USD enables a saving throw of 5
Kevlar vest: 100 USD enables a saving throw of 4
(if helmet and Kevlar vest are both used it enables a 3 saving throw)
Assault vest/ webbing: 20 USD enables extra grenade to be thrown
Riot shield: 200 USD ( the man may then only be armed with a pistol) enables 4 saving throw against shots and grenades
Mine sweeper: 500 USD enables you to look at your opponents mine placement at beginning of turn.

The basic cost of recruiting 4 men is 0 USD. To recruit more it will cost you 1000 USD per man.

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