Thursday, 6 October 2011

Pony Wars

A short while ago Si Graham put on a 28mm Pony Wars game using Britannia figures. He had written some rules based on the old Pony Wars ruleset heavily modified to simplify the shooting. Over the course of the weekend we tweaked the rules and had a damn fine game.

Si (aka Little Si) was the umpire, Alan Fleming, Simon Harris (Big Si) and me were the Cavalry.

Alan was in charge of the outpost with orders to hold it until relieved.

Big Si had to send a cavalry patrol out to circumnavigate the table. Here they leave the fort

I had a foot patrol of 10 men who had to try and make it across the table to the main fort.

As you can see the Native Indians soon found my patrol.

With random dice rolls for the Indians you wouldn't think all the Indians would arrive at the same place...there is no such thing as random.

I soon became doubtful I would make it back to the Fort. Big Si meanwhile was ambling around the table outnumbering small groups of Indians and charging them. They natives didn't stand a chance. Alan was also failing to see much action at the outpost.

Things began to look dire for my foot patrol especially when 3 were killed on the first shooting by the Indians.

I fought a bloody battle all the way down the dry river bed.

I was down to 1 man and just managed to scramble back to the fort. By now Big Si was halfway around the table and had just bushwhacked some gun running Mexicans with a little help from a new mounted patrol from me (off to relieve the outpost) and some fine shooting by Alan from the same outpost.

Alan handed the outpost over to me without the lost of any of his troops. I had lost a couple of men riding across the table to it.

I have to report the outpost fell with the loss of all men. So out of my starting 20 troops only 1 survived. Not good odds under my command.

After looting of the outpost there was 1 big battle on the plains.

Alan and Big Si wiped them out with the help of a Gatling gun.

A fun 2 days was had by all and I now wait for my 20mm Pony Wars figures which I have now bought (plastics).

Now the non random dice rolls began happening again. Indians sir..thousands of them all converging on the outpost.

Another couple of patrols left the fort but with each player trying to get as many points each for themselves I soon realised help was not coming.

Ammunition began to run out and there was Indians crawling over the pallisades.

Then hand to hand fighting on the rooftops.

Unfortunately I couldn't hold the outpost and all men were lost.

That means out of 20 men only 1 survived. You wouldn't want to be in my command.

All the photos taken are here.

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