Sunday, 27 November 2011

PISS - Star Wars

Paddy and myself have a number of the Star Wars Miniatures Spaceships.

We needed some rules which allowed us to field large numbers of these ships without bogging down keeping track of damage etc etc which other very good rules like Silent Death and Full Thrust do.

So I wrote these set of rules called Pete's Incredibly Simple System (PISS) - Star Wars. They are played on a hex cloth. We use cut down coloured pipe cleaners which we wrap around the base to denote damaged ship (red coloured) and torpedoes fired (blue coloured).

So we remember which ship has moved/fired we place a dice behind it, you can use stone, debris.

These rules are quick and brutal but give a fun game, allowing the players to concentrate on tactics. Taking another ship head on is risk because if you miss or only damage it, they will get an immediate shot back so it encourages side or tailing shots. We also reduced the power of Torpedoes after the first game as they were too powerful.

Download the rules (PDF)

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