Sunday, 22 January 2012

55 Days at Peking Rules

Here are the rules I used for the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers 55 Turns at Peking.

Rules Download


Mltiadis said...

hello, I just downloaded the rules and I think they are GREAT! I would like to answer me a few questions if you dont mind. How many figures are in the legations? Are the British more than the others? and what are the Victory Conditions?

I think that these rules will produce a very exciting wargame
thank you very much !
Miltiadis Michalopoulos

Pete Jones said...

Autro-Hungary: 5 officers and 30 men
France: 2 officers and 45 men
Germany: 1 officer and 51 men
Great Britain: 3 officers and 79 men
Italy: 1 officer and 28 men
Japan: 2 officer and 24 men
Russia: 2 officers and 79 men
USA: 3 officers and 53 men

There were also 75 men who had military experience.

Lastly there was second group of 50 civilians who called themselves Thornhill's Rough.

Heavy weapons included:
Austrian Maxim Gun
British Nordenfeldt gun (which incidentally jammed every 3 to 4 rounds)
Italian 1 pdr quick firing gun
US Colt Machine Gun

For more on the preperation of the game visit:

Mltiadis said...

Thank you very much for the information. I saw the link. How many rounds does the game last? Is it really 50? Or maybe 25? [that one seems to be more "realistic". And what about the victory conditions? Could you please answer me that? Thanks again