Monday, 26 March 2012

German Armour 1940 France

Another new project is my 15mm Blitzkrieg forces. The figures are all the rage at the moment with the popularity of Flames of War. I have played FoW and don't care much for the game as it is like Warhammer. But there are plenty of other rulesets to tinker with.

First up Zvexda Panzer II. These are really cheap and very easy to make consisting of about 5 parts.

The Panzer (38)t are also from Zvezda and again are very nice kits.

For the Panzer III's I had to move on to Peter Pig range which are metal and are heavy models.

Finally, Peter Pig Panzer IV's. I think the rear identification flags really set off these models.

German Infantry and Stukas up next before moving on to the French.

15mm Sci Fi

My latest project is 15mm Sci Fi. I have the Critical Mass rules others are using Future War Commander and Gruntz. The good thing is a fair few people down the Club are getting into 15mm Sci Fi so there's plenty of opportunity.

First off these are the Critical Mass Arc Recon Platoon, very nice figures.

I have used Warbases Flames of War bases which work nicely with the figures and they are easier to pick off the table than the official FoW bases.

Here are the heavy weapon squads.

The tanks are from poundland but painted up well.

These are Poundland hovercraft

As are the APC type vehicles

Finally some Mechwarrior Mechs repainted for the Force colours.

So all in all a nice little starter force.

I have an Arc Rifle platoon to paint next.

British - Zulu Wars

Recently finished the 10mm Pendraken figures I acquired late last year at Derby.

Now for the zulus and there's "thousands of them!"

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Vietnam Goodies

Just ordered these for our Gauntlet game:

South Vietnamese River Patrol Craft

"Alpha Boat"

Easy Models UH-1B "Huey" 1st Platoon Battery 1st Cavalry

Easy Models UH-1B "Huey" US Army

Zulu War Guide

Whilst researching for my 10mm Zulu project I can across this handy page from Wargames factory.

All About the Zulu War

They contain two very good painting guides for the British and the Zulus.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


If you have an interest in Twentieth century Wargaming I recommend you join the SOTCW forum. You do not have to be a member of the Society to join....oh and did I mention I'm the webmaster there too.