Monday, 26 March 2012

15mm Sci Fi

My latest project is 15mm Sci Fi. I have the Critical Mass rules others are using Future War Commander and Gruntz. The good thing is a fair few people down the Club are getting into 15mm Sci Fi so there's plenty of opportunity.

First off these are the Critical Mass Arc Recon Platoon, very nice figures.

I have used Warbases Flames of War bases which work nicely with the figures and they are easier to pick off the table than the official FoW bases.

Here are the heavy weapon squads.

The tanks are from poundland but painted up well.

These are Poundland hovercraft

As are the APC type vehicles

Finally some Mechwarrior Mechs repainted for the Force colours.

So all in all a nice little starter force.

I have an Arc Rifle platoon to paint next.


S. Kahani said...

The tanks and APC are awesome, especially the tanks!

Do you have any idea about their "official" denomination? I'd like to try and locate some on Ebay!

Pete Jones said...

They are cheap £1 die cast models from a Bargain Store. They have no manufacturers name on and were made in China.