Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sea Moss Trees

Whilst attending a model rail exhibition at the weekend I saw a demonstration of how to make cheap trees using Sea Moss (aka Sea Foam) and dried herbs.

Sea Moss is readily available on the Internet from web suppliers such as International Models or Newmodellorshop on its own it looks like a plain and boring tree when unpacked.

Dried Herbs can be bought in in large bags or taken from the wife's kitchen when out of date. The herbs used were:


To make the glue mix PVA glue with water to about a 50:50 consistency and add a drop of washing up liquid. Dip the Sea Moss into the glue fixture. Then sprinkle the dried herbs over the top. Leave to dry for 24 hours and then spray with Hairspray to set.

Not only do you get nice looking trees but your layout will also smell lovely! 

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