Saturday, 15 December 2012

Bolt Action WW2

I won these rules the other night in the Club raffle so thought I would post a review of them.

From the pen of Rick Priestly and Alessio Cavatore these 28mm World War 2 have arrived to complement the Bolt Action range of figures. They retail at £25.

There has been a lot of discussion about these rules and as always it appears people fall into 2 camps. Those that love them and those that loathe them. There is nothing here very innovative but everything gels nicely together. Some have complained they are like 1940K, but I think that is because Rick Priestly is involved.

The hardback rulebook is full colour and very nicely put together and the rules are clearly set out in chapters. They have great diagrams and photos.

Activation: Each player places a 1 coloured dice for each unit they have on the table (each side has different colours). Then a dice is drawn blind from the cup, the owner of the dice then places next to a unit of their choice to activate it. This continues until all order dice have been drawn. When a unit is activated it has a choice of 6 orders, Fire, Advance (move and fire), Run, Ambush (overwatch), Rally or down.

Movement is the standard 6”/12”for infantry and 9”/18” for vehicles. Weapon ranges are mainly in multiples of 12”. Combat is resolved by rolling a number of D6 for each weapon with modifiers for range, firer movement, target cover. The basic hit factor for dice rolled is 3+. All dice that hit are rolled again to see if they damage a target by rolling a target number. Heavy weapons add a modifier to the dice roll. Armoured vehicles suffer superficial, regular, or massive damage. These result in a number of rolls on a critical damage table.

Melee is in keeping with the simplified rules. A unit moves to assault the target unit, if it has not already been activated it may fire defensive fire at the charger. Surviving attackers enter melee striking first any surviving defenders fight back. The side that causes the most casualties wins.

Morale is handled by units receiving pin markers from fire. The more fire they receive the more pinned markers they receive. Each pin marker reduces a units morale. Once a unit receives as many pin markers as its original morale number it is destroyed. If a unit loses half its men from an enemy unit it must make separate morale test.

There are army lists for Germany, USA, Britain and Russia. There is a free French Army guide on the Warlord website. Further Army books are in the pipeline for Germany and USA.

This is a very well produced rulebook. It is designed as a simplistic skirmish game and for those wanting more details then these are not rules for you.  

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