Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Kinetic 7 Magazine

Kinetic7 is a new PDF magazine featuring tutorials, skirmish game features, and other articles. The first issue is out now, free to download. 

Focusing on skirmish games and the creative sides of the miniature gaming hobby, Kinetic 7 announced that their new digital download magazine launched its first issue and a new website today.
The staff, based all over the world, consists of experienced gamers, miniature painters and sculptors. Claiming that “we wanted to create a magazine that we would like to read ourselves,” the digital magazine is slated to come out 6 times per year.
In addition to articles and guides, the magazine also promises interviews with known industry artists and personalities, tutorials and painting competitions.
The premiere issue contains features of studio painters from both the Infinity line and Coolminiornot, articles about painting miniatures, and tutorials about creating scenery and sculpting. Readers will also get a closer look at the two skirmish games, Alkemy and 1650.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

RSS Feed Added

Sometime ago I lost the RSS feed from my website. You will be pleased to know I have recreated the RSS feed: RSS Feed