Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Batman (Heroclix)

I have been rebasing all my Batman Heroclix figure. Changing them from their original clix bases.

As can be seen from the Riddler below a textured base makes a difference.

After the fun of writing a new set of One Page rules for the One Page Rules Challenge I have started writing a 1 page set of rules for the Caped Crusader. I am trying to get the rules system and the figure stats all on one page (two sides of paper).

I was inspired by the Ludus Gladiatorius rules from em4miniatures which is a really simple little game. They are about 75% done and I will post them all for you to read when finished. Each character will have the following stats:

Attack Trait (Number of dice to roll), Range (distance in inches they can make ranged attacks), Defence (number of diced rolled in defence to block attacks), Hit Points, Speed (in inches). The stats have been based on work from reading the comics, the Heroclix stats and the Superscape project

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