Friday, 25 January 2013

Bolt Action Dice Labels

I've recently been playing a couple of games of Bolt Action with Paddy down at the Deeside Defenders Club night over the last  weeks. I will post some photos shortly of those games.

Both games have been good fun and we really enjoyed the rules, they suit the way we play. I have some of the 28mm Wargames Factory figures which I bought for my Weird War II project. Paddy has bought some of the order dice but at £8 for 10 dice and 2 sets required I think they are a but expensive.

So I headed over to Blank Dice who have indented six sided dice in multicolours and ordered 10 grey and 10 dark green at 20 pence each.

They arrived 24 hours later. Blank Dice do templates in the popular word processor formats so you can print create your own dice so I downloaded the Open Office template as I use LibreOffice on my Linux laptop.

I created the six sides of the dice in the template and printed them out onto an A4 label. This was then covered with the plastic covering I got from Tesco which kids cover their school books. Once cut out and stuck to the dice they look good.

I have included the template I created below so you can create your own Order Dice.

Download Dice Labels

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Shedman said...

Thanks for this tip - you've saved me a load of money - I owe you a pint :)