Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bolt Action Game 1

These are the photos from the first game of Bolt Action we tried out. This was scenario 1 in the book with Paddy defending with the Germans.

I was the Americans, we han an infantry only action with about 350 points.

The Americans attacked from left to right with the Germans defending on the right.

Paddy had this great idea to use shell craters as Pin markers, they really look good on the table. Above are the Americans trying to advance down their right flank using the walls as cover. Don't get left out in the open you will quickly get cut down.

This was the Germans view down the same flank, nicely entrenched behind their wall. The order dice are the core Turn Sequence of the game. I have now made my own see previous post.

A German MMG in fortifications this kept the Americans heads pinned down and was a real headache for them.

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