Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bolt Action Game 2

Here are some photos from our second Bolt Action Game. This was Scenario 3 from the book. All the Germans were Veterans and they were all in hard cover. The Americans were all regular.

The American advance down the left flank with infantry behind a Sherman and M3 half track. Up ahead the Germans had a Panzerschreck in the woods

In the middle of the table a MMG in a bunker with veteran troops in the woods make the centre of teh table a no go for the Americans. One unit was caught in the open and quickly wiped out. The Americans were unable to get good HE support on the Germans all game.

The lone Tiger on the right flank hull down fended off 2 M4 (75mm) and one M4 (76mm). Despite 12 shots at the Tiger only a 75mm Sherman hit it and the shell bounced off. Fortunately the Tiger was a bad shot as well only hitting 1 Sherman which brewed up. To the right of the Tiger is another Panzerschreck team trying to pick of the 76mm Sherman.

Troops on the right flank cannot advance until the Tiger is neutralised and get stuck their all game.

Again troops on the left flank cannot advance over the open ground until they have pinned the Germans in front of them. Despite the use of HE, LMG and 2 squads pouring fire at the Germans as they are behind a stonewall the Americans cannot pin them.

After 7 turns the game ends in a major German victory. The US kill 1 German loader to the Panzerschrek team and lose 1 M4 Sherman, 1 entire US squad caught in the open and 1 US squad retreats under heavy fire. The US commander is also killed.

I have now ordered some US Bazooka teams and LMG to give me more fire support. However, veterans in Hard Cover are very difficult to beat.

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