Sunday, 30 June 2013

28mm Cowboys

Finished some of the 28mm Black Scorpion resin Wild West figures. They are lovely sculpts.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

15mm Sci Fi

Finished painting some Ground Zero Games New Anglian Conferderation infantry and Antenociti APC's.

I like basing the infantry on the Flames of War medium bases for squads and small bases for specialist weapons.

Haven't decided on a ruleset yet, tried Critical Mass and they played alright. I might try some Generic rules such as Pz8 Sci Fi rules, FUBAR or write my own based on Bernard Geraty's modern quick play rules.


I picked up the Dreadball game by Mantic at WMMS a couple of months ago. The set was going cheap as the new version was due out anytime (and is out now).

I've played a couple of games down at Deeside Defenders club night against Paddy and really enjoyed the game. Its a lot more fluid than Bloodbowl which it seems always ends up like a game of chess. As Paddy likes the human team I thought I would paint the Orc type team Greenmoon Smackers.

Personally I think the Human team is a stronger team than the Orcs as their Strikers have a skill of 4+ so when they throw to another striker there is a high probability the receiver will get 2 successes on a catch and thus get a free action. Its quite easy to get 3 free actions in a turn that way and helps them scopre often. I've found that throwing my Guards against the strikers with an Jack in support is still quite hard to hurt Human strikers as they use skill for dodge and often dodge easily any attack.

So I'm painting Humans up next!