Sunday, 9 June 2013

15mm Sci Fi

Finished painting some Ground Zero Games New Anglian Conferderation infantry and Antenociti APC's.

I like basing the infantry on the Flames of War medium bases for squads and small bases for specialist weapons.

Haven't decided on a ruleset yet, tried Critical Mass and they played alright. I might try some Generic rules such as Pz8 Sci Fi rules, FUBAR or write my own based on Bernard Geraty's modern quick play rules.


John Curry Editor History of Wargaming Project said...

I have never found a set of 15mm Sci rules that really suit me. Do post when you find something you like. Thanks

Ettrick said...

I am transitioning from 28 to 15 after too much price creep and will continue to use Two Hour Wargames rules. I have worked with and tweaked the Chain Reaction and 5150 rulesets to provide a bit more breadth than the original mechanics. I'm still doing skirmish level stuff rather than the massed battles which seem to be more common to 15mm gamers so my suggestion may be off the mark some.

The FREE CR rules reside here: