Sunday, 7 July 2013

Great War of 1894 Rules

David Burn has sent me some rules for the late 19th century. He could do with some feedback on the rules as he is still playtesting them.

For the late C19th European War based on a fictional account of "The great War of 189?" written in 1891 on the cusp of the introduction of smokeless powder, magazine rifles and the maxim gun. they are based on tactical and field manuals of the time to test the prevailing theories.

I have uploaded the file to freewargamesrules (direct link) within the Word document is his email address, so if you can give him some feedback guys it would be appreciated.

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Mwnciboo said...

Peter what is your direct contact E-mail?

I have built a free Cold War Supplement for Flames of War. See my blog for all the Rules & force lists,