Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Lack of Website Updates

Astute followers of freewargamesrules may have noticed that there have been infrequent updates to the website over the last three months.

This has mainly been due to being extremely busy in work. Unfortunately this has meant all of my hobbies have been severely affected. I currently run 3 websites and 3 blogs and all have been in the same boat.

I have been running the website for 16 years now and it usually takes a considerable amount of time updating this website and the others which leaves me less time for hobbies and family.

There are other projects that I want to start and/or continue but am unable to do so at this time with all the demands on my time.

On top of this I have had some health issues and with retirement less than 13 months away from my current job it leaves me with some decisions to make on the future of the website. Currently there are several alternatives I am looking at:

  • Closure of the website altogether within the next 13 months.
  • Allowing the website to freeze in time and make no further updates.
  • Find someone else to take over the mantle who has the time, interest and expertise.
  • Reduce the amount of time I spend updating the site and not spend so much time looking for new content. (This would mean a freewargamesrules lite)
  • Find an alternative way to run the website which is community led and not dependant on one person.
All of this must be done cheaply as come retirement, although I will be looking for a new job, finances will more restricted.

None of these decisions have been made yet, so nothing will change short term.

I welcome any observations or suggestions from the hobby.


ADB said...

Hard choice - being selfish I would say please keep it up and expand it more and more but lets be honest - you have done a great job over the years and deserve to enjoy this and not look on it as a chore.

Why not move the files over to something like Dropbox or BOX.NET and just organise by folder name. New rules can then be dropped into them and notice of new rules put on a blog.
You could add a 'PayPal' donation button to the blog ($99 per year gets you 100Gb on Dropbox) and I would be happy to chip in for a month :-)

Other options would be:
To move the files to a YAHOO group though you are limited to 100Mb and who knows their future
Create a Google Drive account for 15GB and use blogger

So please keep it up but spend time to make it simple for you :-)


The Ferrymen said...

Hi Pete,
Regardless of what you decide, our hobby owes you a great debt of gratitude for providing this service for 16 years. I personally have enjoyed many hours of perusing rules (far more than I play, sad to say). You have helped immensely in cutting back on the number of rulesets I buy and never play -- an insidious addiction. Thank you for that.

I hope you get do to everything you want to do after retirement.

Sean said...

Thanks for all your work on this invaluable resource. I would suggest a more communally based approach. I'm sure there are many who would step up.

Shaun Travers said...

It is a fantastic website but it is yours to do with as you wish. But you did ask for suggestions so at the worst, if you can, leave it as a static website so at least all the existing rules are accessible. My favourite option is to open it up to some helpers to scour the net for free rules and possibly even do the updates as well.

Regardless, it has been invaluable for me and I have appreciated all the time and effort you have put into freewargamesrules over the years.

El Grego said...

I would also like to see your freewargames site remain operative in the future. Typically, it is my second stop when setting up a new project; right after seeing some shiny new miniatures I pop over here to find rules!

Have you thought about a 'Donate' button that some users have, to help defer costs? (As Andrew has already mentioned...)

Whatever solution you finally decide upon, I thank you for the efforts you have made.


ravensron said...

This is one of the first places I view whenever I happen to go onto the internet. Your devotion to gaming is legendary, inspirational, and what you've done here can never be replaced. Pete, I do understand that the dayworld gets in the way of games, sometimes in a big way: due to family crisis I haven't actually rolled a die or moved a pawn in nearly a year. But I do hope that you can continue this site, if it has to be "lite" then so be it. If you can't then go forth with our love and best wishes.

Steven Mooney said...

I've not even been INVOLVED in gaming for 16 years (I'm 31) and even then it's been on an on/off basis. Seconding the above posts, a donate button would be a must - by having it you're not actually ASKING anyone to donate, but the option would be there. And I'm sure you'd be amazed at how generous people can be (hello?! $9 for a beer?)
This site has certainly become a point of reference for me and I thank you for your hard work and find a solution that works for you. Losing it would make many very sad.
Hope it all works out!

The Naked Celtic Wargamer said...

Hello Pete,
I would gladly take over the site if that is still an option. I have time, expertise, and interest in abundance having been in this hobby since the 70's. I love your site and have used and recommended it often. War games fill all my free time anyway so when I saw this I felt I had to respond. I'm not a huge computer guy, but have started my own blog and find it all intriguing. Not sure how or if it could be accomplished since I am in the US, but I would be interested in discussing the possibilities. Feel free to contact me at: jpat555 at Yahoo dot com.
John Patrick