Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Absence and Victorian Steampunk

Some readers may have noticed that I have not posted on my blog for months. There are several reasons for this, mainly I have been very busy in work but other commitments running several other blogs and websites has taken up what little time I've had remaining.

However, due to imminent retirement and some more time on my hands hopefully I can start posting again. I have a mountain of lead to get through going back several years!

This week managed to get lots of painting done after last weekends trip to Triples show in Sheffield.

So first up was some riot police figures I bought last year and will be making an appearance in a zombie game real soon.

Bought some nice Tea Wars 28mm Victorian Steam Punk Police officers and a warbases horse pulled van which I have painted up as a Black Moria.

And finally some more Steampunk style Policemen in gas masks.These are all intended for In Her Majesty's Name written by my good mate Craig Cartmell.

1 comment:

Matholwch said...

A splendid looking set of chaps there Pete.
I assume that you are now watching Penny Dreadful as well?