Friday, 27 June 2014


Back in 1977 when I was 13 a new comic came out called 2000AD and I was a subscriber from issue 1. In issue 2 of the mag Judge Dredd was debuted. For many years the only reason I bought 2000AD was for Judge Dredd. (Sadly I never kept the original comics).

In the meantime there have been 2 films: Judge Dredd starring Sly Stallone in 1995. Whilst glad to see it on film it stepped away from the original comic in several places. Then in 2012 we had the glorious Dredd starring Karl Urban (who did not remove his helmet all film). This is a great film and a community project is underway to get a sequel made.

I've always wanted to game Dredd and picked up some Heroclix Judges which are OK. I picked up a Justice Dept box cheap at Triples and repainted the heroclix figures so they are the same colours.

I built an old Citadel Lawmaster I had lying around:

I also recently acquired a Mongoose Lawmaster, wow this is so much bigger than the original Citadel Lawmaster.

I think I will have them as Mk1 and MkII Lawmasters with different stats.

I propose to use the Mongoose Dredd rules and I have loads of futuristic gangs lying around from my apocalyptic wars games in the past. The rules look good and I have the original PDF's that used to be free on Mongoose site.