Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Derby Show

I had a very good weekend in Derby at the annual Derby World Wargames Show. I and a couple of mates travel to this every year and make a weekend of it stopping over. It was busy again this year with lots through the doors but according to some of the traders I spoke to they're not spending as much as they used to.

One downside this year was the lack of a Bring & Buy (as they could not get sufficient staff to staff it). Some visitors were not aware and were seen humping items to sell only to have to hump them back to their cars. I don't know why they didn't run a Flea Market instead where you hire a table for a couple of hours and sell your own stuff. This takes minimal admin (only 1 person needed to collect hire costs). As a result several people were selling items at their display/participation games.

Anyway my purchases were as follows:

  • Future War Commander rulebook (second hand copy)
  • No More Room In Hell rulebook, you can never have enough Zombie rules and the scenario/campaign rules look very good in this.
  • Some jungle terrain
  • Khans of Tarkir Magic The Gathering intro deck and some Conspiracy booster packs.
  • Avengers v X-men Dice Masters game. I have played Quarriors and enjoy it so thought another Superhero game won't hurt.
  • A box of Plastic Soldier Company Early War Germans (15mm)
  • After The Horseman rulebook by THW (dirt cheap)
  • 5150 Infestation scenario book 1 by THW (again cheap and you can never have enough Aliens type scenarios).
  • A 4 Ground Fantasy Realm house. A bit pricey at £33 but I spent 3 hours puting it together on Monday (it has over 300 pieces) and it looks superb.

However Bargain of the weekend was Fanticide rulebook and card deck (normally about £30 for £11) and 3 army packs RRP £145 and I got them for £30.

The rulebook is lavishly written and it seems a solid set of simple rules that can be adapted for all sorts.

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