Friday, 10 October 2014

Website Update

So as of 10th October 1,435 entries have been made on the new website (manually).

Although many people offered to help only 1 has come through with their word so I would like to personally thank Sirrob01 for their help.

If you have not visited the new site then please feel free to come along as their are many advantages:

  • Anyone can amend or add entries.
  • Photos can be added to each entry.
  • You can add rules by writing and saving them on the site in the entry (e.g. Link)
  • Files of PDF and ODT can be uploaded onto it, max size of 10mb per file. (e.g. Link)
  • Photos can be added to entries (e.g. Link)
  • Comments can be added on each entry, such as a review or thoughts on the rules.

So come along and have a look. If you see an error correct it dynamically. If we are missing something feel free to add it.

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